donderdag 9 april 2009


In a few days the easter bunny will pass by! And we are ready for him! A made sure that we were going to! Last Tuesday he woke up walked into our bedroom and announced out loud: 'Wake up, the easter bunny has arrived and we have to get up and look for the eggs outside!'

It was seven o'clock and the sun was out but it was Tuesday! P was so nice to announce that it was a bit too soon to go out side and trying to find eggs. Well, suddenly this 5 year old his smile vanished and there were only crocodile tears. He walked back to his room and just cried!

It broke my heart! It took lots of hugs and Kleenex to explain to this exciting bunny that he had to wait a little bit longer. I promised him that we would get all the decorations out. So today we tried to get into the mood by adding some typical easter colors.

Well, it was so cute to see A getting into this. He started to make his own little Easter corner. Combining kitchen utensils, plastic ducks and tiny tree decorations for the easter tree in order to make his personal work of art! 'Nice, hey, mummy!' Well, uhm, it was rather an abstract piece of work that would fit quite in one of those modern art collections that makes your head spin around.

Fortunately, A donated his artwork to the solo rabits and chicks and put the kitchenware back where it belonged. Now our house breathes Eastern! Even P walked in, deadtired after a very long day at the work, saying that he liked it!

So now all that I have left to do is playing the perfect bunny! I even did one of those rather useless quizzes on Facebook to get into it real time: 'Get your Easter Bunny Name'. After answering a few questions I turn out to be 'Flopsy Lemondrop'! Well, I might feel a bit 'flopsy' for the moment and I like lemons.

Today, I asked A what happens on Eastern and he mentioned the name of Jezus. The religion teacher that I am, I felt quite relieved. Also that our house is filled up with chocolate eggs and other Easter goodies! Can't wait to be Flopsy Lemondrop! Perhaps I should get a fitting costume (I had something like Bridget Jones in mind when she goes to the tarts-and-vicarsparty) but then I guess A would really get confused! So, Flopsy Lemondrop will just stick to playing hide and seek and hope that there are some chocolate goodies left after A's egg-raid!

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Ik ben Doodles Cottontail.

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I loved reading this story.. It made me smile...