woensdag 1 april 2009

Sisterhood of the travelling pants

L has left the country!! She did it! Wow, am I proud of her! Perhaps before going on I need to point out that L is my sister. Not that we are the sort of sibblings who do everything together but a sister can be the best bandaid ever!

So, yes even after only 24 hours not having her close by I already miss her! Not that she moved to the end of the world. The land that should feel honored by her presence is the country of the purple-white chocolate cow, cuckcuckclocks, cheese,banks filled up with diamonds and goldbars, taxheaven for VIPs, Willem Tell, and mountains: Switserland! So about 700km we are now apart and that is not a real disaster. But still.....

L not having that close by means:

- not being able to complain about thousands things like the weather, boyfriends that don't seem to be compatible or stressful worksituations. It was the best helpline ever and brought back the zen-mode I was after. Switserland better be ready for a very busy Skype-line!

- not having the best babysitter available. A loves his auntie Lilly!!! And she was his five star babysitter. It felt so comfortable to have her in a case of an emergency. I never felt uneasy of leaving A and our house in her hands. Finding a replacement for her will be rather tough. I might even let her check out the new candidates! Pictures will be compulsary when applying for this job!

- not getting the best style-advice anymore. L speaks up her mind, always and anywhere! 'This outfit looks like you are wearing a potatosack over your head!', was one of her best punchlines. L was always honest when she considered her sister rather a fashion victim! Some of the best clothing items I own I bought with this personal shopper along my side. Guess that some shopping sprays in her new home town will be necessary to create no fatal styling incidents! And I guess her new collegues will notice her fashion is for a sure a statement! Watch out for those powerpants they have travelled already all over the globe!

- not being able to slam doors after having some fierce discussions. L, being a Virgo, went the whole way in most of the discussions we had. It were sometimes crushing scenes when one of us wouldn't give in. In most cases we also managed to make up in a record time. So the Swiss are warned L is very hard to bargain with.

- not feeling her close by. That is perhaps the hardest thing to deal with of all. Having my 'little' sis (not that I consider her this anymore) there where I am, seemed rather natural. Now I will have to settle for less or have to rethink our relationship. But perhaps have I taken her a bit for granted. The last year she was just a few metrostops away! Seemed like we were neighbours. And the fact that a few of my top-shops in Brussels including the coolest and most fruity juicebar were close to her apartment were always an extra motivation to pay her a visit! My next citytrip won't feel the same because she isn't included anymore!

L, I am very proud of you and the fact that you decided to do this! Knowing that every new beginning can also be a bit spooky. Respect you deserve because you have decided to give it a try. Yes, I am bit envious of you! You are going to be able to give your life the international flavour and dimension that I grave for. And you also know who would have been very proud of you as well!

So Switserland, you better take care of my sis! She comes along with a manual but once you have managed to figure that one out L is a real gem!

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