donderdag 30 april 2009

No excuses?

For the moment I seem to be having a wild ride through life! Just a day I was still on the easy going train with frequent stopps to enjoy the scenery. Now 24 hours later I am on the fast track and the destination is unknown. Seems like I am out of control. Of course it has to do with what I have 'dared' and now I have to deal with the consequences. Rather not a funride through the fairy-country. No, I am in the middle of the dark forest and still can't see the end of the long and rather gloomy looking road.

Basically, I can't really get into the details. It would only create more confussion and questions that I just won't or can't answer. But I have to admit that the Stallie that is running around for the moment is not the one that you are used to. In case you walk into me:

1. I will try to listen but it is not the guarantee that I will remember what you have been telling me. So please don't be upset with me if I seem to be pre-occupied because it's a fact. My mind is not there for the moment. But I DON'T DO IT ON PURPOSE!

2. I forget things very easily: so if you have not received your birthday card or some other kind words then please forgive me! So don't be surprised if you receive belated wishes or very late phonecalls to check if you are fine. I have been somewhere else for a while where no birthdays are celebrated. And also to all the people that I will keep waiting and perhaps won't show up. I DON'T DO IT ON PURPOSE!

3. I might be repeating myself over and over or do things twice! So please close your mouth if I close the door twice or when I keep walking in and out over and over. Or if you wonder why I walk into the places that seem rather strange and coming out looking rather absent-minded. The risk that I might serve you twice coffee or a soft drink is also very high! Just know one thing: I DON'T DO IT ON PURPOSE!

4. My blog seems to be rather a thing of the past but for the moment I am the very lucky owner of a writer's block. The truth is that I seem to be only able to write pieces about that what took over my mind and I am afraid that this will affect my style of writting. Can't imagine that my 'fans' (who ever they are and where ever they are!) want to read entries that seem to be 'copy and paste'! So please be a bit patient with me and just know: I DON'T DO IT ON PURPOSE!

5. When I seem to be rather upbeat and don't seem to be able to stop talking but our conversations seem not to make any sense! Don't worry it's just because I would love to talk about this but chances are that you are not one of the lucky ones that I can tell you what is going on. So if I suddenly cut a conversation short or keep interrupting you just have to try to bear with me and also keep one thing in mind: I DON'T DO IT ON PURPOSE!

Hopefuly I have been clear enough! To illustrate that it is rather serious. Today I left work and drove off heading for home where I hoped to wind down. Well, by the time I reached our gate I suddenly saw a can of Sprite flying through the air. It was heading straight in to bushes and did not cause any harm! Well, I seemed to have forgotten that my can was still on the roof of my car when I took of!

I might be still a bit too young to suffer from Alzheimer but, o boy, this is rather scary. That can could have hit someone or something! Don't have to tell you that I was a bit ashamed to get out of the car to pick that missele up and I ran back to my car in the hope that nobody had noticed me. Doubt that the excuse 'I DID NOT DO THIS ON PURPOSE' would have gotten me out of that one!

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