donderdag 6 januari 2011

Headaches & Wannabe Belgian Politicians

I feel rather exhausted! Not that I have been sprinting up the Mount Everest or have done something exceptional cool and groundbreaking. Stallie just wishes to crawl under a huge big colorful quilt (like the one Rennee made for Bella in 'Eclips' would be nice!) and then stay out there for a very long time. Have even pledged that I will not read a single newspaper (not even the one on our iPad) and that I will turn of the radio once the news is on. Even am very tempted not to check the news-updates 'De Standaard' Tweets me. PLEASE, call it the day, Johan, and let us go back to the ballot box!

Yes, Stallie is fed up! The new year is only six days old and I already had my own share of things to handle with care. A managed to get sick (stomach flu), P managed to be on call and have to go in numerous times and I managed to get done nothing very productive! Not proud of that. It is not me! Always pledge myself to getting at least done a few things for work, get to see some friends or family, hang out and feel very festive like. Uhm, that just did not happen this break!

It is the first time for years that I just hang out at home. Forced! Snow, icy roads, feeling a bit out of tune, less focused, a sick son, a man on call,... On top of that I have already for days a headache! Migraines run in my family but together with glasses I seemed to have skipped that genes-puddle! Still, when I asked P, the very wise inhouse doc I am blessed with, all he could come up was:'Stress! You have got stress! Why?'

He then went on eating late dinner. I then gave him a suspicious look! But dared to go on telling him that I thaught about getting my eyesight checked out. That since three weeks I have these spells of blurred vision and headaches. I told him 'signals' like that when I arrived one morning at work after driving through a snowstorm I felt sick and that I need to take medication in order to survive loud 'Newborns'. 'Why?', was his very dry answer,'You still can see everything fine & clear, can't you? That with the snow that is quite normal! Can happen!''Yeah, but....', and then I got silent and moved into the bath tub to scrub and relax a bit! Or at I least tried!

Okay, I am a stressbunny and worry too much! I worry about tons of things that I should care less about. And yes, I worry about my government and politicians! I worry about A! I worry about the climate! I worry about my pay check! I worry about some very good friends who I try to take care of without interfering to much, etc... That I did manage to get our xmas-mail out of the door rather late I am also not proud of! The post office is located at the end of the world or at least that was what it seemed like.

The bubblepaper cover that I had wrapped myself into seems not to work for the moment. I think I even got unwrapped! It seems that for the moment I am big time the 'bad acting' Capricorn. Okay, my birthday is coming up! But the getting-older-issue is not that hard on me. In case it does or would I can still run to the hot shot beauty clinique that moved into our neighbourhood to get some botox injected. But I am fine on that part! Have even nothing planned the day itself! I will be at work for a very long day and evening and the day after P will be working rather late! So I think I will even skip for once my birthday! Still, I even checked out my daily horoscope in order to feel a bit better!

And this is what I get to manage with on a rainy Thursday while my beloved wannabe politicians are spitting out their latest opinions and insane-sounding newest theories and rediculious solutions and my headache gets worse:

"You almost certainly need to call in reinforcements when things start to get weird today -- and they are sure to get weird! Plans have an uncanny knack for going awry, but it's nobody's fault, really."

I have to admit that this cracks me up a bit but even laughing causes to make my head to hurt. Perhaps I have a brain tumor! AHHHHH! Where are the reinforcements? Still, I can't blame anybody when I am ignored! Where is the Paracetamol and the vacuum-cleaner?

P.S.1: In case you wonder what I feel like about this whole political turmoil and elections you can read up on it by clicking here: As life goes by: Casting votes THE FEELINGS & OPINION ON THAT ISSUE STILL HAVE NOT CHANGED! I am a true Capricorn! And yes, they should add two more words on that T-shirt pictured her above: BELGIAN POLITICIANS! It would sell big time!

P.S.2: To give you bit of an idea what it feels like when I have my splitting headaches and my vision gets messed up:

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N zei

My New Year's wish for Stallie : "that she may finally get the glasses she's been wanting ever since I've known her" (and we go way back).

stallie zei

Uhm, you are on to me, aren't you!! Even Peter Facinelli has glasses and he looks awesome with them! Not that he wears them a lot! P pointed out today that I perhaps once more am teeth clenching! Should show my fangs instead of keeping them in! ;-)

Fie zei

Stallie, behoorlijk herkenbaar bericht. Mijn vakantie verliep ongeveer hetzelfde. Nu, minder dan twee dagen voor de nieuwe trimester aanvangt, raak ik nog steeds niet gestart met de lange to-do-list die hier voor me ligt. Waarom is de vakantie toch alweer om? En waarom deed ik niet meer om de vakantie op te vullen? Op naar de volgende acht weken...