vrijdag 21 januari 2011

The Energy Boost Box

The second work week of January came to an end. I am about to face one of these weekends that P will be out of the house most of the time. Saturdays he will hide out in his private practice and on Sunday he will be out for work training! Believe it or not but there is work training for busy docs on a Sunday! Uhm, guess that we will only meet up while brushing our teeth and perhaps dinner!

But I had a productive week and I got to meet up with tons of things that made me smile. I am even tempted to state that in some dull brown boxes I did find the energy boost I am always after to get through a busy week.

1. BOOKS. That I had to unload all my cupboards for the painters I did not like. Would even state that it kind of hurt! Especially the fact that the announced workforce did not show up last Monday made me get into a real Twitter-outburst! Tiny little detail: they will come at the end of this month! P even said very spontaneously sorry for this mix up!!!! Wrote that one down in my diary!

But I did meet up with some very nice bookgems. Some of them I would like take over to my bank and then hire one of their high tech security vaults. For the moment it are especially the books illustrated by Rébecca Dautremer of whom I got three books filled up with breathtaking illustrations by her hand. When I dive into them chances are few that you can reach me easily! The one here below is an illustration out of her latest book:'Het geheime dagboek van Klein Duimpje.' Just so gorgeous to look at and one of those books that I do cherish for eternity! And those are some of the books that I will one day hand over to A or E (chances are in a dull brown box!) to take to their own house!

2. POETRY & QUOTES. I have got tons of oneliners in bookform. I do need some of these lines to get through certain moments of my lifeline & daily timeline! And yes I do think that the power of words is still underestimated. Words can make you feel better but can also get you down. This week I did experience both. Once words are put down on paper and can be read by others they do come to live in a different dimension. They are set free and you as a reader are given the priveledge to give your own interpretation to them.

This is also with poetry! One of the rather cute poems I came across while filling up the dull brown boxes is by the hand of Sjoerd Kuyper and to be found in children's book 'Ik blijf altijd bij je!' I am going to tease you and not translating this. You can make use of Google Translate trying to find out what it is about but this one would be for sure a very fitting one for Bella Swan to write down on a card for Edward Cullen!


Ik hou niet zo van bloed,
jij wel?
Ik hou het liever in mijn vel.
Daar zit het goed,
mijn bloed.

Het enige wat ik graag zie
is een klein korstje op mijn knie,
waaraan ik op een luie dag
lang en voorzichtig pulken mag.

Nee, ik wil nooit meer bloeden.
En ik wil nooit meer blozen.
Maar als ik jou zie!
Ja, wat dan?
Dan bloeien alle rozen.

3. HISTORY: My all time favorite subject that I took in any school, college and university (and this globally) I have ever been to was history. I have to admit here openly that is for me the subject I miss the most not able to teach for the moment. So I do own tons of books that tell historical facts or are inspired historical persons or events. One of the most cherished history books that I own I was given by my beloved grandmother for my 21st birthday. When I read some its pages I do feel history resting in my hands: Ἱστορίης ἀπόδεξις! (I bet there is one of my faithful readers who is able to translate this one! ;-)) by the hand of the father of the historical database: Herodotus! Especially the passages where Darius & Alexander meet up!
And then there is this awesome scene in one of my 'coep de coeur' movies & books 'The English Patient' where Katherine, played by the superb Kristin Scott Thomas, adds a special touch to this rather oldie!

(One of my British all time favorite actors Colin Firth in there as well! And my perfect 'Mr Darcy' won this week a Golden Globe and I am very happy for him!!!! And now Colin, you go for that Oscar!! 50 is a great age to win that funny statue!)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dCLQWW7GQo (copy&paste this one!)

4. MUSIC: Our house is filled up with tons of dull brown boxes and they are in the way! Our curtains have been taken down and our walls have been stripped naked and so for the moment our house is not the most cozy place to hang out. But one advantage it does bring along is that the empty space offers to do other fun things. And the last few days we have taken full advantage of this by dancing through our house. P is the best DJ ever and thanks to the bluetooth soundsystem we have got upstairs we even manage to dance all the way into the bathroom. Believe it or not but the dancing did seem to work for the mindfullness I am after! But every time A came up with this personal request P&I wanted to put in some earplugs!

So #1 according to A in order to dive into the bathtub and then imitate a rodent and shake up the house:

P&I are for the moment trying to come up with a waterproof plan to make the DVD of 'Alvin & the Chipmunks' disappearing out of our house! So far no luck because A even takes the case up to his bedroom!

So #1 according to our inhouse doc:


And he goes all the way on this one and he even forgets to follow up his own strict health regulations when this comes out of the speakers. I can assure you when he is out there in his nice pair of jeans, very cool blue shirt and his curls are waving into all directions that this girl just starts to move along and feels very happy!

SO #1 according to Stallie:


This girl (who also got her hair cut this week and got two thumbs not only by P also by her fantastic co-workers!) then starts to make silly movements and is very tempted to put on every single silly or fancy head she has got out there in some of the dull brown boxes! And yes, I did lost it due to this whole boxes-thingy! But for the moment I try to get the most positive energy boost out of them! This music manages to chase away for a few seconds the rathr dull and cold atmosphere that is looming around in our house!


Uhm, what can I tell about these because there are few? Well not much because then they are no secrets any longer. One made me go back to that one place where I last year got so dillussioned but seem to be granted an other go!
And I love it out there! It is there I get my major energy boost and seem to find out why I did choose for education above all other great things there was to choose from! The other one is of a total different order and it something that will take some time to come to live. But I am working at it.


COMEBACK of the week: GARFIELD! A is totally obsessed by him and this thanks to his awesome godmother N who gave him the movie as a xmas-present. I even broke out in sheer laughter because some of the rather funny scenes. A is even wondering what will happen if he would try to eat as much lasagne as Garfield! And so I even digged up one of these little books I have with Garfield cartoons. Here above you can find one that makes me LOL.

NEWCOMERS of the week are MY 'SPECIAL' JUNIORS, who had to get ready to face the real world and leave on Monday for their very first job placement training. Most of them are very nervous and even are doubting if they will manage. I wish them good luck next week when they for the first time in their lives will be on their own and having to cope with the daily ingredients of the working force. I have faith in them and these girls have got for sure some FIREWORK in them! So girls, this one is especially for you:

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