zondag 2 januari 2011

Happy New Notes Year!!!


You might have noticed that Stallie did not leave any posts lately. Why? Writer's block? Nope! Second thaughts once more about blogging? Nope! Nothing worthwhile to write about? Nope! Nothing of the latter! I just took a blog-leave for a few days. I granted that myself and I am tempted to keep that going on till I go back into work. But I do look forward blogwise to 2011! A new year means tons of new stories are in the making! Can't tell what I have in store for you. Time will tell.

I have for once not made any new year's resolutions. They don't agree with me! I have tried so many times and failed even more at trying. The list I created at the beginning of a new schoolyear is already hard enough to keep up with. And believe it or not keeping up with that one I seem to manage quite well. Still I do have some hopes. The year 2011 I do consider in my head quite important. Not that I can talk much about it. Because the times that I mention it or even start moaning about it I then get very cranky. Refuse to be that at the beginning of something new and fresh as a new year.

But I still have faith in most of the people & things I truely believe in. The champagne and the other festive-like filled up glasses have not killed that spirit. There was even one bottle that stood out and you can be sure that it made my head spin and my heart glow! Thanks M&D for that extremely special night to end and start the year! So Stallie won't be up for major changes in the next 12 months, my expectations are low or call them rather realistic. No big plans to change the world or to do major (unless asked for) interventions in the lives of others.

So you can rest assured that I will still try to act according to my true beliefs. That I still try to keep up my faith in many objects and people. People who I love and sometimes will curse as well. Perhaps even hurt and will get hurt by! I am only human and not perfect. Also very fragile! The Xmas season always makes me feel humble and also very grateful for what I have been given or have received. Especially second chances!

In 2010 I have been granted that a few times and have granted it to others. No regrets on that part. It made my life more worthwhile. I did lose some 'good' (at least that was I thaught for years!) friends in the last 12 months but in the end even that process brought me so much more. It granted me to travel into the depth of human relationships and feelings. And I discovered that I do feel blessed and that human happiness is mostly someting you can create yourself by doing very small things.

When I do feel low I turn on the radio or plug in my headphones. I do admit that I then sometimes will start to move around. My feet then take over my mind and then I am of to a different place. That is all that it will take to find back my focus. If life would have background music to it and the globe would be one gigantic well polished dancefloor I would be out there dancing away. Once in while I will even unplug myself and then perhaps take a break and just listen to the music. Music can heal or at least bring peace to the restless soul.

I therefor wish you in 2011 lots of forceful notes that will go crescendo, once in a while an adagio to take things at ease and time and patience to listen to the music composed by others. 2011 will brings for sure new billboard hits and also a few one hit wonders but in the end you are the one who writes his or her own symphony of life!

In case you are thinking of letting us play along: I am better at dancing then playing a musical instrument but I love being the triangle, P prefers the drums and A is awesome at goofing around on the electric guitar, the air kind!! Here at home we seem to be ready as well to face the music of 2011! But we hope especially to hear many happy tunes! Music Maestro!!! PLEASE!!!

P.S.: I picked out a song by Sting because he manages to do something music-wise with me that not many can. Danced tons of solos on this one on toeshoes! Love as well the movie 'Bed Of Roses' they have integrated in this one. HINT HINT: buy in 2011 once in a while a bit more flowers for the ones you love it will make their hearts melt and smile or it can be the first sparkle of hope you are after! Or perhaps a singing telegram? ;-))

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Hmmmm, Sting! One of my favorites! Niet te veel goede voornemens Stallie, dat is goed. Anders moet je alweer stress hebben om die te volbrengen. Gewoon doen wat je denkt dat goed is lijkt me prima!