maandag 14 februari 2011

Celebrating The Love Of Your Life

Yeah, I know, Valentine's Day is in a way one of those artificial days created to make us buy big bunches of roses, huge boxes filled up with Belgian chocolates and make us send cards in order to let the stamp-sale go up but still...

I do celebrate Valentine's Day but not in the classic way. Nope, I try to be grateful for the love I have been given by all and not just the one that I am priveledged to get from P&A. On the 14th of February I tell most of the people that I consider friends, family or important enough to hang out with me at times that I 'love' them. I try to point out that I do cherish their friendship and am very happy to be called a friend also by them. At least I hope to be called this by some of them.
Because yes, I do think that love can't be celebrated just one day.

LOVE can come in my shapes and sizes. But if I try to give it some characteristics that I have sensed through out my daily existence I come up with this 'beloved' list:
-it can be caring,
-it can blossom unconditionally,
-it can be surprisingly strong,
-it can take you by surprise,
-it can take you off guard,
-It can take you to places where you did not know the existence of,
-it can make you cry and run,
-it can be creative,
-it can let you yell and laugh out loud,
-it can make you doubt,
-it can stand the test of time and go the distance,
-it can color and brighten up your dull daily existence
-it can hit you right in the face
-it can leave you behind heartbroken
-it can mend
-it can hide and and seek
-it can be silent and mysterious
-it can bring along 'hate'
-it can make you swear and curse
-it can be pure
-it can let you feel alive and kicking
-it can do so much more then any bottled magic potion or medicine.

I could go on and on but I do think that on a day as Valentine's Day the feeling 'love' can't be exclusively be celebrated my lovers. I also doubt is that it is the best day to declare your love to someone. But it can be for sure a day that you can take five to reflect about what love has given you or brought into your life. Then none of us can deny that the power of love goes beyond any word that it is life.

Today it also besides Valentine's Day'Organ Donation Awareness Day' and that I do think is as important, if not even more then a day to eat expensive chocolate, smell the roses, look at the stars & the moon, eat nice food & drink a good bottle of wine. So what about signing up for one of these donor programs because it can save a live, one that is loved & loves? Then will the 14th of February every year get so much more color and significance. You then have given your heart up for anyone out there to have and to hold on to. Is there a more loving act then that? Because after all:we all have to the right to love.


P.S.1: Sorry for this rather cheesy clip I chose to go along with this entry. But I am still a big Jane Austen fan and she was such a good author in expressing the many ways of how love can be treated and felt. And the lyrics of the song I do think are very meaningful because there are still many people out there that don't are given equal rights to love the way they wish to love and be loved.

P.S.2: In Belgium you are automatically up for organ donation. But if you wish to make sure that this unconditionally goes into act you can register. More info to be found:

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