vrijdag 25 februari 2011

My Very Own Private Carlisle Cullen Inhouse Doc?

I am still having headaches and am rather dizzy most of the times! Not that my head is about to explode or that I do think that there is a huge tumor hiding out in there. But even after the 3 docs I paid a visit I still seem not to be able to tackle this 'tiny little' health issue. On top of that I become aware of the fact (and this more then ever!) that having my own very 'cool&stylish' in-house doc is not a blessing. NO! In a way it is a curse.

Not that I am going to talk bad about P now. Don't get me wrong but I just think that it comes along with his job description in combo with having a girlfriend & kid. He just seems not to be as straight forward with us as with his patients. The later ones even manage to make very insane sounding phonecalls (one did realy made me LOL for minutes) in order to get him activated. You can rest assured: P is always 200% focused and he is in a way 'Carlisle Cullen' when it comes down to being passionate about his job.

Having a partner with a white coat and stethoscope is 'sexy, but there are moments that I want to put those on e-bay because before he goes into doc-mode for me I need to have caught an unidentified contagious virus. Still, when I then decide to get some medical attention elsewhere for my health conditition, he gives me the 'evil' eye.

So the last twee weeks I checked out the competition in order to figure out what is 'wrong' with me. The docs that I honored with a visit and challenged were:

1. My own very reliable and trustworthy GP. It was my mum who kindly advised me to get one of these handy men! Because she had seen us being send into school even with fever to make exams (I am not kidding) because of our own very tough in-house doc. 'You need a GP. They take care of you when you do need realy a doc!'
His diagnosis: tension headaches. He also did check me out very throughly. Even did shine with lights in my eyes. Carlisle Cullen flashed up right there! LOL
Treatment: a prescription for massages done by either P (in your dreams, doc!) or by a pro (physical therapist) and a calling card from one of these pros out there waiting to get his hands on me.
Unasked 2nd opinion of inhouse doc: 'Uhm, massages? I don't think that these can fix problems in the long run. Why don't you just swim some lanes extra or stop 'Facebooking' & 'Twittering'! DUH!!!!!!???????

2. A neuro-consult. To that one I did not look forward. Because first of all neurologists can make me very nervous. They can give me suspicious looks and then my heart beat is in for a sprint. But as it happens does P share his private practice with one of these very wise men. After a cross fire of questions, including some about my weight lose (duh!?) I was send home with the diagnosis:tension headaches with a dash of migraines.
Treatment: Can't figure that one out because P paid us an unannounced (but predicted by me!! Should have put all my money on that one!) visit while this doc his hands were pushing down my head. Before I knew it seemed as there was no patient in the room. The two docs were discussing my condition 'over my head'. And as it seemed all the treatments proposed by this nice fellow were not met with applause by my inhouse doc. I bet that if I had left the room that they would not even have noticed. But A happened to be cruising around in there as well and I was stuck in there to babysit him. In a way it felt a bit like Carlisle Cullen was having a nice chat with Doc McDreamy. Still this was one of those moments that you a only need one of them to pay attention.
Unasked 2nd opinion: Massages questioned even more and the painkiller mentioned by this doc specialised in headaches was going to be out of reach. 'If I give you one of these you might suffer a heart attack! Okay, then your headaches are for sure over!' P LOL!

3. A visit to the eye-doc. Yeah!!!! Some out there know that this one made me even smile a bit. Like mentioned in a previous blog post I do admit that I do think that glasses can make you look wiser. People always give me suspicious looks when I tell them that I would not mind to drag around with a pair of those on my nose. So in a way I did look forward to that consult. But my blood pressure went up the moment I was facing all that strange looking equipment that was in that consult room. In a way that dark room reminded me of a torture room fit for a movie covering the Inquisition. The nice doc did check my eyes very throughly and asked me tons of questions.
Diagnosis: eyes are still fine! SO NO GLASSES NEEDED! BUMMER! According to this very wise & experienced looking doc it is migraine-related what I have.
Treatment: Guess, learn to live with it.
Unasked 2nd opinion: I can't 'publish' this one on here! Because on that day P just was having a very bad day himself. It took some funny StuBru-clips to make him smile again. Still I seemed to have the impression that it was a guy with insane big black glasses (Thomas de Soete)who made him LOL and I failed to do so! You see, I do need glasses! For many obvious and less obvious reasons!

No, for the moment an in-house doc is not a blessing! In case you then wonder if all docs are the same as P, don't worry. P as a doc is so much more then I can even blog about. I have seen him in action and I can vouch for him that he will get any job done for sure! The adventage you have over me is that you can first call in order to have an appointment. Still, for once I would just love to have Doc Carlisle Cullen shining into my eyes. Would be so nice to hear him say then:'I think you are going to be just fine!' Not to mention that smile!

P.S.: I also have made up my mind about my treatment. Got the help from some other very nice people out there in order to make up my mind between these three. I will be on the phone tomorow in order to find a physical therapist who can get his/her hands on my head, neck and shoulders. I won't be 'wooshie wooshie' massage but the real stuff in order to get destressed. So who dares to get his/her hands on me?

P.S.2: After all, the only doc who for sure knows the most about me 'Insideout' is P!

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