zondag 20 maart 2011

Breathtaking Moments

Last night the moon was amazing to look at! It was announced as this phenomenon called 'superlunar' and so worht an extra glance up into the evening sky! I even was tempted to get my camera out but I just decided not to do so and just live the moment. I tried to suck up the energy that was beaming towards me. Love moonlight! For sure it was the SUPERMOON they had been raving on about on Twitter.

Today I raved on myself about many things. Because I decided to have a day of my own. Just me, myself and I. Nobody else to take into consideration for a few hours. P&A out for most of the day and I got then the pure luxery to have the house for myself. And one look outside told me that this day was going to be for a very sunny day. And what does Stallie do on a sunny Sunday in March?

Well I then first turn up the radio and play all my favorite music. This without having to put up with P his comments and him changing stations. Okay, I am getting the hang of Studio Brussels more and more. Like on Saturday evenings we have got our private dance away on StuBru music in our living room but still... The musical inhouse high light of the day was something special: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKFxkqPdsoI

The Youtube Symphony took my breath away many times and I even hooked up my precious laptop on to our bluetooth speaker system. Most of the music was superb performed and this by 101 young musicians from 33 countries. One week long these talented musicians had been playing music all over the Australian hotspot. Their last night they would fill up the world famous Opera House with their divine sounds. My favorite piece: 'Mothership' (refering to the Operahouse and A even sees it in there:'Mum, that looks like a ship!') composed by Mason Bates. A piece he wrote especially for this occassion and this for orchestra & electronica with soloists. Gave me some goosebumps.

Classical music can still take this girl her breath away!!!

Next I decided to get myself ready to get lost in Brussels and clear my head. Lately I am trying to get my hear around stress and what causes it. There are many solutions but some are rather radical. I am the one who calls the shots but I feel sometimes so lost out there when I need make up my mind. So next I fired up my iPod Nano and jumped on the metro. I took along 'Shakespeare on Toast'. A little book I got in the giftshop of the Globe while I was over in London last summer. According to Judi Dench:'A brilliantly enjoyable, light-hearted look at Shakespeare which dispels the myths and makes him accessible to all! I love it!'

Yes, I have studied the most famous bard of all in high school & college! Therefor I did think at first glance that this book was not going to teach me anything new. But boy, was I wrong. It is like a crash course and goes beyond most of the stuff I had to dive into when I still was unwrinkled. And the author Ben Crystal,ladies, is he cool! http://www.shakespearontoast.com/meet-the-author

The old bard can still take this girl her breath away!

Once I got above ground I plugged in my headset and shuffled my music. My feet carried me around town and the music that my brain picked up seemed to make me go faster. And then I came across Bozar, the museum of fine arts. It was ages ago that I had been inside there. A&P are not into art like I do. Stallie can get lost in a museum. It is there that she does come back to her senses and forgets most of the other things that are going on. I travel then back to the center.

Today on was: Venetian and Flemish Masters I like old masters. In a way they calm me down. It is hard to explain but it might be the simplicity of the subjects and objects. The colors and the way the light is brushed down on wooden panels or canvas. The effect the audioguided tour had on me was beyond words. And yes, I did then get my Moleskine notebook out and started to note down random thoughts.

On one of the signs I came across I got to read this:

"Great art always touches the sacred, and resonates with the peace, the quiet, the infinity, the longing, the defiance, the melancholy and the angst that we carry deep within us. Each in its way..."

It are these fitting words that for sure wrap up where I got my eyes and mind set on. By the time I walked into the great gift shop I seemed to have been on a mind trip. My favorite painting and this for many reasons:

The Old Masters can still take this girl her breath away.

By the time I got out of the museum the sky was still breathtaking beautiful. In a way its color reminded me of that color only the most divine characters get 'dressed up' in: precious lapis lazuli! Still, my stomach was graving for food and not for just any food. Nope! Rather for one of these forbidden fruits when you are paying attention to your weight. But I had my mind set on this one and I tackled successfully all the lost tourists around the Big Market Square to get my hands on one of these:

YUMMY!!! Also this took my breath away!!! I then decided to call it the day and headed back home. Last song I got to hear before getting back into my car was this very fitting one:

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Zalig hé, een dag gewoon voor jezelf? Doen waar je zin in hebt de je laten leiden door een paar ingevingen. Zo moesten er meer zijn.

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De maan was idd prachtig zaterdagavond! Het was ook mij opgevallen! Het klinkt alsof je een prachtige dag hebt beleefd zondag! Tussen haakjes, lapis lazuli...heb ik je verteld over de oorbellen die ik laatst kocht? Anders heb je dat verhaal zeker nog tegoed!