zondag 24 april 2011

Happy Easter!!!

There is so much I want to write about.
There are so many emotions that are for the moment active inside of me.
There is so much joy around of me that it is contagious.
There are so many good friends to share to good times with.
There is still the home that I can return home to.
There is the sun that fires me up.
There is white wine and bottles of champagne chilling in the fridge just in case that you might pass by.
There is my little camera with the visible proof that the last few weeks were for sure unforgetable.
There is my pair of pink ballerina shoes with which I danced with for hours under the stars.
There is my tube of sun screen that I applied with a big smile on my face.
There is the smell of spring flowers when I walk through my mum's house.
There is my huge collection of chocolate waiting to be dived into.
There is my lovely other significant one who looks awesome in his new blue shirts.
There is my godchild E who made me 'smile with my liver'.
There is the sound of birds when walk to the bakery for freshly baked croissants.
There is the needle that hits my chi.
There is the breathtaking golden treasure of Tut.
There is the ride in the nice car of P.
There are the colorful trees filled up with cottonballs and ready to huged.
There is little iPod Nano that spiced up my life music wise.
There is my metro ticket that brought me to some nice places in Brussels.
There is my stack of books that still enables to surprise me.
There is red of delicious sweet strawberries on my t-shirt.
There is my new wardrobe that proofs that I did 'change' a bit.
There are sandals lying in to hall ready to be tripped over.
There is the smell of barbecue in the air when I open the window in the evening.
There are purple and yellow tulips brightening up my living room.
There is A who wakes me up with a big kiss on my nose.
There is so much..... to be grateful for on this very sunny Easter morning.

One look over my shoulders and I can for sure state that was one incredible nice Spring break. Today we celebrate life and new beginnings. I believe that the paschal mystery is something we humans can experience inside of ourselves. Besides all the misery and pain and other troubles that show up in our dialy lives there is this undefinable power inside of us that can lift us up. Today I am very grateful for what I have received in my life. Yes, I kept my lentpromise that I would only start to enjoy chocolate on this particular day. So Easter bunny you better show up very soon because this year it is not only A who can't wait to start egg racing!


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Marina zei

I wish you health and love, happiness and welfare!!!
I wish you had a wonderful Easter!!! See you soon I hope...