maandag 30 januari 2012


Uhm, Stallie seems to have forgotten that she had a bog? Where was she? Writer's block? No time to write? Lost her password to Google? (Yes, this happened once and I can tell you that I was in a gigantic panic) Nope! None of the previous is the reason that I just not got into blogger world. It is more complex and not a single blog entry will do to explain what went on the last few weeks.

Perhaps I just for once wanted to find out what it felt like without having to blog at least once a week? Because if I take a look at the number of entries I manage to post I do quite okay but it is time management I suck at badly since I drank my glass of champagne to celebrate the birth of the year 2012. It seems that the year of the dragon, the leapyear and the olympic year are kind of racing on and only are picking up speed and I already am out of breath.

My mind is racing daily and tons of stories are witten in there but also got deleted the moment that I picked up different vibes. So then I kind of decided that perhaps the best way to deal with this state was to do something that many will do tomorrow: go on strike! I wanted to find out what would happen if I would just not produce one word on a keyboard. Instead I wanted to focus and observe! And then perhaps just let go without first getting on the blog level.

So as a result January 2012 will be the month that I have managed to stay away from my blog and I do not even feel bad about it. But no panic because the force of inspiration did strike back and I can tell you now up front that the other months will make up for January. The stories that ended up untold out here have been shared with people that I deeply care about. There have been for sure very intens moments in the last copple of weeks that I wanted to scream or try to find back my balance but for once I just did not make use of the blog. I just lived the moment!

And because January 30th will be national strike day I decided that this would be the perfect day to announce my comeback to the world of bloggers. For the onces who have been rather patient with me and the ones who did remind me of the fact that I do own a blog:thanks!!!! And you can relax now, I am back!