donderdag 19 februari 2009

Baziel, the king of the house!

I am a catlover and having to be obliged to live without one of these cuties is rather hard. But an allergic partner makes you do strange things. We don't even have a fish. There are days that iI really grave for one of these four legged micehunters. An extra way to keep me company when my I feel a bit down and can ease down after a hard day at the job. So I was very happy that I still had our housecat Baziel to turn to.

Baziel was one of these cats that bit by bit becomes one with the house. Coming home was also finding at home a purring cat who just hat finished his gourmet meal. He pointed out very clearly he would not liked to be disturbed while being in catheaven. One of our wise houseguests pointed out once:'A dog has a boss. A cat has got staff!
Well, Baziel had staff. And the number one butler was my mother. Baziel and her were partners in crime. He was very picky on food she served and the other issue he had was being shy. When we adopted him he was one of these fluffy grey hairballs that snuggled down on your feet because he was still too small to jump on your lapp.

My father, who considered naming pets a serious bussiness, came up with a very fitting name for him: Baziel. A derivation of the Greec word: basileus, meaning king. In the hope he would be as stunning as one of his kinsmen: the lion!

Around the time that we graduated from college Baziel was more at home then we were. He even forgot that he had to guard the house, hunt after mice and trying to impress fellow-machos who tried to come closer to his door. My mother frequently expressed her dissapointment about Baziel not living up to her expectations.

He did turn out to be afraid of strangers, crying babies and other cats and he showed this by not entering the house when there were strange cars parked in front of the house. And he only prefered the lapp of his personal assistant: my mother. Only watching, no touching.

It only became very complicated when the youngest bunch of the family became aware that Baziel was great fun to chase after. The grandkids seemed not to agree with Baziel his rather easy lifestyle and forced him to make some changes. He had to start getting used to hands that tried to pull his tail off or did not leave his favourite seat in the living room.

In return the tomboys started to be devoted catlovers. Going to 'granny' (mum will kill me when she reads this!) was going to Baziel as well. It was so cute to see them petting him and talking to him in the hope he would talk back. Of course he never did but the fact that he started to hang around a bit more when we were over was a blessing.

Baziel of course got older and my mother seemed more and more trying to care of a retired cat. You wish that it would be true that a cat has got seven or more lives. That they are stuntmen and can stand any tempest and walk in spick and span. You hope that they have discovered the spring of eternal youth. Well, Baziel decided that he had spent enough time in this catheaven and was off to the other Wahalla. My mother had him put to eternal sleep after he was not able to eat, drink or taking care of his himself.

When I asked her if she was okay, she said:'Of course I cried because Baziel was my cat!' Yes, my mum has taken care very devoutly of him. She got up at four in the morning to let him in for his milk and brushed his coat like it was one of the most expensive furcoats. So, Baziel you will be missed and my mother's lapp will miss an extra blanket. Hopefully catheaven is all you hoped and more!

Baziel, you can be sure that you had not one staffmember but tons of devoted caretakers who happily treated you as a king. You can be sure we will wave once in a while because that is what a royal animal deserves. We will miss you!!!!!

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