dinsdag 24 februari 2009

Bolt and the beautiful!

The Oscarwinners are known and I seem to be one of the few people who seems not to have seen any of those. There was a time that I had seen them all by the time the enveloppes were opened. I read tons of magazines, knew all the moviereviews before and after a theater visit and even managed to get through the novel of most of the blockbusters.

Well, the situation has changed slightly over the last five years. The last movie that I saw was 'Lord of the Rings, The return of the King'. I remember being pregnant and A was having a blast because he enjoyed all the sounds effects as well. I had the complete movie-experience because of him being in there with me!

Now I have to setlle for getting the DVD and watching it on a rather small screen. If I take a close look at my DVD-collection I even have to admit that half of them are for minus 12! Okay, Walt Disney stated many times that he did not created his fantasy world for kids only, but still. Blaming it on A that he forces us to buy these is not fair. Because honestly, animation movies can make me smile!

Even P, who most of the times judges movies only by the reviews, googles new releases. So today we took A once more to the movietheater. He had to choose between a dog or a mouse. A is five now and he knows for sure what he wants. I tried to bribe him by pointing out that he is not very keen on dogs. I even pointed out that he loved 'Ratatouille'. I showed him the trailers of both and then I waited for the results of the jury! 'BOLT!'

So there I was sitting in the dark watching a movie about a dog who thinks he is a superhero and abducts a cat! You must know that I am a catlover and I dislike dogs slightly. But thanks to the 'ghamster' (Emanuel from 'Fawlty Towers', knows what I am talking about) I was glued to my seat. P, who is allergic to most of the animal habitat out there, even started to laugh outloud. A was enjoying his popcorn and tried to get his hands on our cokes!

By the time the superhero was on his way back home I noticed that P and I were having a better time then A! And you know what? For once I did not mind. I was having fun and so was P. When the credits came up A pointed out that he wanted to go home. Once we arrived home it became clear why. He went straight for the livingroom and searched his newest asset in his stuffed animal kingdom: Baziel, the cat! It was so cute to see him hugging that animal.

After dinner he then asked to watch 'The Aristocats'! Together with Baziel he snuggled under the duvet and had a good time. Well, I guess there is for sure one thing clear after going to see a dogmovie. When it comes to a preference to housepets he turns to his mother! I can't wait to watch with him the 'Garfield'-movies and I am sure those will be hit because A loves LASAGNA! So dogs out there you can rest now your case! A LOVES CATS!

P.S.: Check out the trailer of BOLT on www.disney.go.com/disneypictures/bolt .
And N don't worry! Hamsters are not on the hitlist of your godchild!