woensdag 25 februari 2009

Happy meals!

Today we were in Antwerp. P, A and I love that place. We have got our favorite spots all over town. But it can still surprise us. Thanks to the attentive ladies from work I still had a gift certificate to use. I had not lost it out of sight. We just not seem to be able to find the right time to go out and actually use it. So just before the deadline I tried to book us a table at one of the addresses that were in the colorful booklet that came along with the gift certificate.

After numerous phonecalls we finally got a three chairs and one table at 'The Lunchbox'.
My sister, who used to live down there, had already mentioned that unique lunchspot. But you know since that we have A going out for food is not easy. So sometimes it takes quite some time to finally take the risk and take your kid along for food. Now five years later I am not afraid anymore and have learned some things about taking kids out for food.

1. Kidmeals can be better then the dishes you order! A his homemade hamburger with fries was so delicious!!! We happily finished that meal for him. And to all those restaurants that only serve meatballs in tomatosauce for under 12. We don't understand you!! Even kids older then 30 like these better then lobster or spareribbs.

2. Fancy places can be childfriendly! We were sometimes surprised what places were nice to A! He even once made it into the kitchen of a posh restaurant and was allowed to make his own icecream! Do I have to mention that I did prefer that dessert to my colorful plate covered up with sweet delights?

3. Kids are gourmet lovers! I have been amazed by the pure tastepalet of my son. Kids are so damn honest! Once we were in one of these typical Belgian French Fries places. He ordered his normal menu and after tasting three fries he said outloud:'Mummy, these fries are no good!' And he was right. We never went back.

4. Kids can play tricks on you! More then once A ordered something and ended up eating our dish! Seems that you as a parent have to be very patient and assume that kids know what they want. So don't get attached to your cheese and ham sandwich or pasta dish! Try to bribe your precious one by promising him or her two desserts. He or she will then be end up at the cashregister with your personal selection without tandrums!

5. Kids are entertainment for other guests! Numerous times I was rather annoyed and ashamed when A went to check out other guests and their food. Funny to say that he made tons of friends while spilling half of his orange juice over the floor. Kids seem to have a gift to make even the most serious food inspector laugh. Just don't try to do the same things as they do.
Bet you won't get away with crawling under tables, checking out all the chairs, finding the best place to race your toycars or moving around half of the furniture! Chances you get kicked out before your drinks have made it to your table.

6. Kids get always more, we end up with less! A gets always spoiled. Free icecreams, toys, eatware, stickers, color pencils or candy. We seem only to end up with one thing extra over and over again: the bill!

Our brunch at the Lunchbox was a success. A only moved half of the decoration around and ate none of our food. We can for sure recommend this place. The menu of this healthy food cafe looks good. They serve breakfast and lunch. Have smoothies, lassies, and cocktails to moisturise yourself the right way. The desserts are home made and let you end up in foodheaven. The staff is friendly and outgoing (sometimes they even sing outloud) and there is a wall of fame!

When we had finished our meal we made A go up to the counter and ask for the bill. This time we were the ones that ended up with the candy. Guess that after five years of experience we finally got the hang of it!

P.S.: To get into the right foodmood you can perhaps check out: http://www.lunchbox.be/

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