zondag 22 februari 2009

A bubbling afterparty in the kitchen!

The afterparty is over! The champagne glasses are back where they belong, my dishwasher is doing over time, my finest China is shiny after a good hand wash, the floor looks good again and A is in dreamland. My bed is also waiting for me and I can't wait.

Today, A had his fifth birthday party for the family. Because I don't consider pie and coffee a real birthday party I again went whole the way. I had fun with Nigella and other cooking goeroes and turned my kitchen in a battlefield. P tried to help out but of course he was most of the time only in the way. By the time the guests arrived I was rather a stressdoll.

Every year again I promise myself to do it differently. Not to try something new or strange. But it's an urge that I just can't resist. So yes, the buffet consisted out of some surprises. A was now opening his gifts. He went completely wild when he got his stuffed cat from Bommeline (my mother). It is amazing that this surrogate stuffed animal can make up for not having the real thing! He gave the toy-cat the fitting name 'Baziel'! P managed to make it back in time after being called in for an emergency and was trying to keep everybody filled up with drinks and food.

I have to admit that I most of the time spend my time in the kitchen while my guests were having a good time. You might consider this strange but for me are content guests the nicest gift I can receive during a hostfunction. Of course some of the women paid me a visit. I did love their faces when they saw what I had standing in the oven. My wafflepie with raspberries and white chocolate! Some of them admitted to me that they were already hoped for this and tried to get the recipe! I am thinking now of ways to sell it to the highest bidder!

After the sweets I served some special cheese sandwiches with coleslaw. My guests seemed to appreciate this by being silent. I ate two of them while sitting on a kiddy chair. By then already the first guests had left the building. We spoiled the youngest guests with a goodiebag and then they were off.

Some of the dishes were empty, others contained still some leftovers that we tried to send along with the guests. They behaved nicely and took some filled up containers home as well along with some sugar filled up kids!

A took Baziel along to dreamcountry. He is sleeping next to his bed on a little chair under a blue duvet! When we asked if he had a very good day, he smiled and said:'YES'! So did I and I just want to say thank you to all my guests who were so polite to eat my food. I hope sincerly that you all had a good time because I did and so did the birthdayboy! THANK YOU!!!!

P.S.: And now I want that last glass of champagne! Oh damn, the bottle is EMPTY! grrrrrrrr!

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