donderdag 5 maart 2009

New cookingstars in the making!

Yes, I watched 'Mijn Restaurant'. Because I love cooking I love foodrelated newsitems and programmes. Last Year I ended up even going to one of the restaurants . Well I had a wonderful lunch with above me one of those big black microphones. It was rather a strange experience to digest a delicious appetizer with above you a long lollypop who tries to pick up my first vibes.

So after that lunch experience I have to say that I know for sure that the people that are now in the running won't have a walk through the park. The heat is on the moment you get your future building that you have to turn into a succesfull restaurant.

I am going to be short about what I have seen so far and for the moment I still don't have a favorite copple. But I was happy to see that the highest amount of money went to the youngest candidates after the first challenge. Very brave youngsters who decided to take some risks in a time that there is not much to smile about. They want to go for it. Claudio wants his own kitchen and tables and Gaëlle believes in him every step of the way!

To find out how much extra money to were able to take home they got an envelop. When Claudio opened his he just beamed and Gaëlle hugged and kissed him. In a time where most of the news is dealing with unemployment and the rather gloomy future that lays ahead of the young generation that is still out there I was touched by this image.

Claudio and Gaëlle I can't promise that my vote will go to you but don't give your dream! It is worth to fight for. And Claudio the force will be with you in the kitchen as long Gaëlle bears with you.

P.S.: There is a way to please Peter Goossens and is the taste of a certain something that he really made awful comments about. I tasted the stuff in his restaurant and I have to be honest it is the best thing that I ever tasted. If these candidates have watched the previous series they should have noticed but I wonder .............. Did you?

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