dinsdag 17 maart 2009

Dream destinations!

I ended up once more in one of those such annoying traffic jams. Hating the prospect of wasting time by standing still I then try to do come up with other activities. Most of the time I will try to kill time by keeping my mind trained. Objective: noting down mental lists of any sort. Today's subject: time travel destinations. Below you can read my five star dream destinations in case such a thing would be possible.

1. Rome at the time of the Romans, I pay a roman bath a visit and have a very long steambath. After that relaxing activity sipping some real nice tasting Italian wine. Then getting my hair done in that fantastic fashion that I know from many history lessons and movies. To end up in the market place where Seneca is proclaiming one of his notorious speeches.

2. Egypt at the time of building the pyramids of Cheops. And that I finally get the hang of reading hieroglyphics. And next I want to have a milk bath and then be off to sail on the Nile while eating fresh fruits. I would take tons of cats along and spoil them to death.

3. Florence at the time of the Di Medici and wander through the streets and hope to walk into one of the great Masters that have added the marvelous colors to the medieval town. Perhaps I even manage to get into a secret library where the most sacred manuscripts are kept.

4. London at the time of Shakespeare and attend 'Midsummer Night's Dream' at the Globe as a groundling. After that I would have an ale in the pub and discuss poetry with romantic souls like Marlow till the sun comes up. I would try to catch a glance of Queen Elisabeth her dresses and then kiss my lover farewell before he is off with the Spanish Armada!

5. Bath at the time of Jane Austen. Dance through the night with Mr Darcy and in the morning walk up in a gigantic mansion and take a stroll through the rosegarden. Have a indulging teatime with tiny cucumber sandwiches and fresh strawberries. And in the evening play a piano sonate or three for my perfect gentleman.

By number five I ended up in my drive way and was I confrontated once more with a living room that needs a total make over, a kitchen sink totally covered with tea spots (P please!!!!!), the laundrybasket that still needs some more attention and other daily life ingredients that ask for some extra energy that I left behind at work.

Needless to say that none of the above seemed in reach and so I was rather relieved when I finally ended up once more in my bed! And yes,sometimes I end up travelling through time down there. But then you never are able to choose the destination. Wondering where I will be tonight once I have closed my eyes? At least I never seem to be wasting time under the duvet. It is for sure one of my favourite travel destinations!

P.S: the best time travelling I did in a 'Heavenly Bed' at the Westin in Rotterdam! Still my best dreamtool ever. Want to know more google 'Heavenly Beds by Westin'. Bet you don't want to waste any time and book a room asap!! Sweet dreams guaranteed !

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