vrijdag 6 maart 2009

A rare species but amongst us: the M.M.M.

There are some things that I never get used to. Not that I have not tried but.... Sometimes there are a few issues that just never get cleared up between the ears. How hard you do try it just does not work! And when your five year old starts to notice it as well it becomes rather time to act.

Yesterday, after dinner (P and I try to take turns on that chore) our kitchen looked like a weapon of mass destruction had found it's way into there. A who had finished his meal and was ready to run off with sticky hands! But before doing so he was so kind to make clear what his expectations were. He pointed at me saying:'You will do the washing up!' Next he pointed at P saying:'And you will turn on the TV!'

My first reaction was to laugh but once I had my hands planted in the kitchensink I started to wonder if I had reasons to do so. P is very helpful in the house. He manages to some things that some of my friends their partners never seem to do. But apparently it seems still not enough to make sure that A knows that men and women can share some responsibilities at home.

So I need some help to explain to A that men can try to do some of the less appealing chores as well. Perhaps the next lines might get him on the right track of thinking about running a household in the new millennium!

1. Men can do the dishes!
I always wondered why men who have their hands in soapy water end up in picture albums or more recently on Facebook. Well, now I do know. Yes, we do have a dishwasher but even unloading that modern device seems to be a tough job. But I have missed out rather a lot of TV-shows because my men where out there watching TV and I had wet hands. A tiny television set in the kitchen would perhaps make up for the rather lonely moments!

2. Men do know that toiletpaper is not a hidden treasure!
Why do I end up more then half of the time in the smalest room of the house and find out too late that the paper is all gone. No warning what so ever! Well, I am not going to tell you what I need to do once in while when I am confrontated with this either crushing scene in there! It would be censored if I did so!

3. Men do know that cleaning means more then just making things wet.
P cleans quite often the floors but seems to forget that you have to put things back in the right order when the last drop of water has vanished. I ran into some rather hard objects when I went to bed and thaught that my bed was free. Surprise! My bedside table was still there. Perhaps it would become clear if I would leave it there next to me. Wonder what P his reaction would be if he would end up hugging a piece of furniture instead of me!

4. Men do know where clothing items belong once they need to be washed.
I have sometimes the impression that we are living in a house where you can run into numerous clothing items. A lost pair of socks of P, a pair of underwair of A in the bathroom, a jacket in the bedroom, a shirt in the bathroom and a pair of trousers in the livingroom. Everywhere clothes seem to be at home but sometimes they seem to be this a bit too much. P his running outfit and rather sweaty perfume adds not that exactly to the stylish flair that I am after in the livingroom. If Misses Bucket would walk in she would rather end up in the ER!

5. Men do know that chores are hard work .
P is for sure one of those men that really derserves the label of the More Modern Man. He is rather well trained and knows that he is needed at the homefront as well. I am very happy to say that P does things that some other men only would admire of a safe distance. But why do they expect us that we every time then express our grattitude when they do something extra. They even talk about it when they have done something that women do silently.

So P, yes I love it when you hoover the livingroom, clean the toilet, put the trash out, clean the car, load the dishwasher, clean out a kitchen cabinet, hang up the wet laundry, do the dishes, cook a pastadinner, keeping tins, paper and glassware seperate, wash the windows and other rather homerelated chores.

I might not tell you every time over and over again but I do tell others about the fact that I am blessed with a More Modern Man! I have to be honest I had to think rather hard to come up with some of these remarks. Just keep up the good work! And no, ladies, you can't have him for any money of the world! So you better start training yours. I will have my hands full with A!

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Ik heb geluk, ik heb ook al een MMM. Elke week is het huis netjes gepoetst van boven tot onder. Als ik van school kom staat er een bordje eten klaar dat ik gewoon moet opwarmen. Ik heb maar op het boodschappenlijstje te schrijven wat ik wil en het eindigt in de koelkast. OK, was en strijk zijn voor mij, maar ik mag zelf ook nog wel iets doen hé!