maandag 23 maart 2009

Change for better or worse!?

Change, they have told me over and over, is good! Well, last week some things suddenly did change:

1. I was wearing shoes without socks. So spring is finally winning the battle against frost and rain. Changestatus: ****

2. I was called 'changed' by a pupil and this over the whole line. Not in a nice way according to him. He made some comments of being rather strict in comparison to last month. I first hoped that he was talking about me having a new hairlook! Changestatus: don't seem to be able to figure out ** or ***

3. Number two was confirmed by one of those 'stupid but can't help to fill them out anyway'-quizzes on Facebook. According to their 'What kind of teacher are you' I turn out to be a 'mean' teacher! Well, perhaps that haircut was a bit too much to handle for my audience. For sure the once with Autism must have some issues going on in there. changestatus: subzero!!!!

4. My zero fine status has changed. Our mailman was so nice to hand me over with a big smile the envelope with the message that I had been speeding through Overijse. Couldn 't help it but I felt bad the whole day. So, I started calling some people to break the news to and hopefully they would cheer me up a bit.

-My mum. She was her 100% herself by pointing out this was not the end of the world and that there did not had crashed a plane on our roof! Ahm, this was helping for sure! Not!
-My close friend N. 'If you get caught speeding you do it better right!' Okay, so I am even not good at speeding!
-My old friend P. I was forced to leave a message on his answering machine and must have sounded rather pathetic! Because I was not able to tell on tape why I wanted to talk to him.
-My studygroup at college. They were telling me that they had probably been not caught yet or expressing their opnion by using bodylanguage involving a waving hand and 'tttttt-sounds'.
-My boyfriend P. Short outline of that conversation:
Me:'Hey P, uhm, I have some bad news! But promise me that you are not going to be upset with me!'
P: 'What is the bad news? Did something happen to the car?!'
Me:'No, no (and thinking: what if so and I had been in the car?) but I tell you when I get home!'
When he saw the car (and hopefully me!) arriving in one piece and found out what this was all about he was rather relieved. He pointed out that this was 'only' a speeding ticket.

What score this last change deserves I can't seem put down easily. I totally agree with the saying 'Change is good' but then number four was one of the changes I wasn't after in life! But you better be aware of me speeding by on a broomstick with a witchy hairdo, looking very mean and not wearing any socks!

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Inge zei

Stallie toch, dat veroorzaakt die files natuurlijk! Als je zo rond rijdt, dan willen de mensen daar naar komen kijken. Ze draaiden toch terug op de Steenweg naar Leuven zei je? Wel, waarom denk je.
Al eens nagedacht over wat het doet met een mens, als ze een gemene heks zien passeren tegen overdreven snelheid op haar bezemsteel met blote voeten?

Inge zei

Trefwoordenwolkje van je blog ...

Patrick H. zei

Die ouwe (thx!) vriend P had 10 jaar geleden geen Penny gegeven voor 'Caro links vooraan in de auto'. Nu blijkt ze zelfs 'auto sturen voor gevorderden onder de knie te hebben gekregen'. Ben trots op je en heb er spijt van dat ik dit niet live hebben kunnen meemaken. Heb me daar dan ook al uitgebreid voor verontschuldigd.
To summarise: 'no pride without prejudice!'