zaterdag 7 maart 2009

Staircase to heaven?

Now that Nicola's Bookstore had closed down I had to find an other bookheaven. I am not that keen on big chainstores if it comes down to books. But then they have great deals and a huge selection. So after comparing a few I decided that Waterstone's was the future recipient of a part of my negative fortune.

Today I decided to give it go. I parked my car at the station, jumped on the metro and arrived on the scheduled time. When I walked out the sun was still shining, not that much traffic and not that many tourists out there to block my way. I was in a really good mood because I was about to enter one of those places that can me feel rather on cloud number 7!

In a record time I bought the books I was after (but the one that I really needed seemed not to be in but that would mail it to me!) and walked out with a plastic bag full of goodies and their nice magazine. As a cherry on the cake I received the one and only Waterstone's Card. Now I can collect points and exchange for even more books! Huray for Waterstone's!

This was turning into a real nice day! Even the people that I ran into that were demonstrating because they demanded their independence couldn't change that. The Spanish region of Catalonia was trying to make very clear that they wanted to fly solo! So back to my car that was waiting for me to drive to Mechelen.

Well, you know what sometimes can happen then..... A day that started out so nice suddenly becomes rather gloomy. Was I in for a big treat. At one of the metrostops it seemed that our driver seemed to have forgotten that he was on tight schedule as well. But nobody was making any nervous gestures or seighing. I just hoped it woul only take a few minutes and we would be back on track.

Next thing the driver just gets out and walks down to the back of the metro. 'Just relax, C, he just needs to take a leek! He will back shortly!' Well, he came back and was so kind to ignore an older lady who was informing why we had stopped.

A few minutes later we were happy to hear those familiar sounds that a metro makes when the doors close and now we were going to leave ...not! We were just standing there and nothing happened and the intercome seemed to be not in use anymore. Or perhaps the driver was not aware of the fact that he was transporting a bunch of people.

Believe it or not by now this lady here with her filled up W-bag started to get itchy. 'I am going to get late. My collegues are going to be pissed. I will have to explain why I am late! Oh, no what if I am really late not just half an hour but perhaps even two? And what if this metro never leaves and I have to find first a bus to get to the parking lot outside the city! It is a weekend so not exactly tons of busses out there and a demonstration! Takes a lifetime to even find the right bus and even longer to get to the right parking lot!'

While I was having a brainmarathon the driver had gotten out once more. He was having a rather stressed look in his eyes! 'No, no I am just overreacting this is not going to happen. In a few seconds he gets back on and then we will have a nice ride!' Uhm, well, seems I ran out of luck because once the driver got back on he seemed to even be able to find the intercome and speak. What he said I did not all get because he seemed to think that all that really mattered was the word Stockel.

And so we all had to get off! There I was standing whith my bookbag and I just had it. So I tried to find out what was going on. But all these helpful people that work for the public transportation were nowhere in sight. Perhaps they were out there with the Catalonian people! By now I noticed that none of the rides that passed by was going to Herrmann Debroux!

I was in a real pickle here and I called one my collegues announcing that I was stuck in public transportation. And then my rather nice day just went down the 'tubes'! I couldn't help it but right in the middle of the station I started to produce tears! I did not care I was stared at. 'Just let them think that I just broke up with my boyfriend or found out some horrible news. I am going to cry here and now.'

After my collegue had tried to calm me down and told me that it was not my fault that I was going to be late I went back to check the lineprogress. Only subs going to Stockel! And then I decided to just let it go, thinking that it was not going to be end of the world that I was going to be late. I tried to think positive and so....... the next ride was to .......... Herrmann Debroux!! Hurray!!!

In the end I was about 45 minutes too late and my collegues were not upset with me. They ofcourse made some jokes about Brussels and public transportation. But I it did not mind. By the time I was cutting up the 'Misérable'-cake (very fitting dessert to prepare after such a ride) I felt much better.

Being home now and reflecting about this day I should have known that getting on that ride was going to be rather risky. It was asking for problems when you can read at the end of the escalator the word 'HELL' is written. So it would not be fair to the MIVB to write a letter of complaint because they had tried to warn me!! Next time perhaps a limo with private driver for a ride to bookheaven?

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