dinsdag 22 september 2009

Busy Bee

Blogging seems once more something that ends up at the end of the list of things to do!! Lately my agenda is bursting with tons of stuff that is considered rather important. Not that I can't handle it but it gives me not always enough space to breath. Here a few things of the my busy list:
- a new job description and all the loopholes. Yes, this girl started a brand new adventure. I am now pedagocical supervisor for one day a week. This means that I will be spending tons of time in meetings, will be working from home more often and will be driving around. My first accomplishment was installing succesfully my new mailbox. Took me ages but I managed to do this without any help of P.
- driving around with A! Besides the rountine drives of and on to school we now get to spend some extra time in the car on Fridays and Saturdays. On Friday he pays the swimming pool of Overijse a visit where R tries to make him swim! He looks like a popsticle when he gets out of the pool and loves to spend hours under the warm shower. On Saturdays he puts on his gymshoes and around noon he jumps once more into a pool. But this pool contains water of 32°C and here it is C who will try to turn him into a future Michael Phelps! Not to mention the outrageously cute swim intructors that walk and swim at the pool!!! For once I don't mind having to hang out at the side of pool!
- filled up weekends with tons of fun like going to the movies, going out for dinner, wedding receptions, birthdayparties and shopping sprays and a weekend in Brugges with friends!
- having the house to myself!! P is in a different time zone for the moment. So this means that I had my mum over for a few days, invited N over for dinner and a good chat, and of course missing P and already counting the days that he will have landed safely! And telling myself over and over that I have to go early to bed in order not to wake up as a zombie!
- trying to get to the student administration office to get my new classes booked and paid!! Not easy if tons of collegues think that my new job description means that they can just call me available whenever they think it suits them! I will have to be bit more the mean collegue then the mean teacher this year!
- cheering for Kim!!! God was I happy that she won once more the US Open tournament and she really gave me a warm glow when I saw her standing down there with that cup and her daughter Jada!! 'The mother of the comebacks', one news paper stated! Well, for sure it gave me something to smile about for a few days in a row!
- planning future vacations. This time I would love to go and visit H! I can't wait to book that one ticket in order to have that one vacation that I am dreaming of already for years. Just hope that H can get some half days off and then this girl will be spending some time in Bush country!
- observing new pupils and coming up with new ideas and tricks to keep them entertained. I can assure you that once more I have some rather interesting ones in my class room. Betting that I will have very lively class meetings about some of these boys and girls!
- surviving the first cold of the season! P had to calm me down once more by telling this is still not the swine flue! But I felt rather sick and I now create a trace of tissue paper every where I go. A also beated the first bad bugs that were passed on while being out on the play ground.
- signing up for Zumba but still not making it to class. I have paid them and I am the proud owner of a new membership card but due to all the stuff described here above I seem not to make into the gym! But if I really want to fit into the dress for N her wedding and look nice in the pictures I do want to loose some weight! P tries to talk (it sounds rather like screaming to me!) into getting some body exercise. Guess I ran out of excuses now and that next Monday it is D-day!
- finding a way of dealing with two jobs! Not that easy and there are moments that I wonder what is expected of me and what not. I feel like Flexigirl and wonder when I have the guts to say no to certain things that people expect of me. Not something that I am every good at.

Best moment of the week was when I saw my mum coming out the kitchen ready to pour the bottle wine into the hot iron!! I LOL and just couldn't stop! It was nice to having her over for a few days in order. Nice extra is that my laundry basket is now almost empty!!! Mum, you are still the best domestic goddess I know!!! I just wonder what my clothes would have smelled like if that bottle of white wine would have ended up in there!?

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