vrijdag 11 september 2009

Splitting headaches!!!

I HAVE A HEADACHE!!!!! And it hurts. Even painkillers don't help. On top of things my bowls don't feel upbeat as well! It is not that I feel that sick that I need Mc Dreamy next to my bed. My blood pressure is perfect ( I do check those things frequently!) and I can function as good as normal.
But hey, after a while you don't want to wander through life with painkillers as your sidekick. They come in handy when A has a very loud day and seems to use living room as frontal stage. And yes, thanks to those super tablets my splitting headache vanished into the thin air before sitting down for dinner at some friends’ house.
Just this time it is different! None of the magic pills seems to kick in! Sleep makes no difference what so ever. Needless to say, that I do feel a bit anxious about this. When I asked P for a consult all he could say was :’I don't think it is tumour!'
Not that I felt any better after that diagnosis. But hey I am happy to know that they are not going to have to dig into my brain to f;
ind the bastard!
Now I keep telling myself that there are tons of reasons why people have headaches. Stress, muscles tension, PMS, sinus infection (P told me that I don't have any sinuses there.
I promised myself to give it some time! As long as my head is not about to explode I will not beg P to call some of his colleagues that are specialised in brain pains.
Up till that moment I won’t stop trying out different ways of pain relief. Coming up: some glasses of champagne in the company of a happy bride and groom! I just hope one thing that when I wake up the next morning that I don’t will have a hang over because then it will be a double portion of pain in the head. But have they not told me once that drinking champagne does not causes headaches! Can’t wait to crack a bottle or four!!!

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Hey Stallie,
Dat is echt stress denk ik hoor. Ik en dat, hoofdpijn die niet weg gaat en die wekenlang aansleept. Wannes had dat ook eens, was toen bijzonder ongerust want hij kende dat niet, en is na een hele tijd tot de conclusie gekomen dat het dus inderdaad stresshoofdpijn was. En het komt vaak op als de stress eigenlijk voorbij is, als een soort van ontlading.
Dus even geduld nog, dat betert wel, al is het ondertussen wel behoorlijk vervelend.