zaterdag 5 september 2009

Yes! I am a Capricorn!

I am a Capricorn !!!! Don’t run away now because I am not going to rave about planets and the stars but deep down I do feel there is something right about these things. Why you wonder? And do I have scientific proof of this? Uhm, nope, I don’t but do we really need to analyze every little thing we encounter and deal with?

Yes, I do read my daily horoscope but most of the times when the day already has gone by. It is funny to then find out that some of the stuff described in there did happen that day. Not that I live the life according to what my horoscope tells me to do or don't do! No way, but I just have some of these moments that I can link of some of my episodes right in the profile of a Capricorn.

Especially for the moment I strongly believe that what is going on in my life that I need to show the typical characteristics of a mountaineer! Not that I don’t like mountains. Me having been a student in Austria I found out that mountains do make me feel as alive as possible. A second habitat where I seem to breath easier.

Unfortunately does Belgium only have very old mountains, meaning that they did come down to being rather hills! So no mountains in sight and God do I need them! Like my body is aching for them.

Yes, I did know this was going to happen and that due to the fact that I had a very emotional rollercoaster ride and you know what you can feel like after such a fun trip! Once that adrenaline shot got out of your body you end up feeling a bit numb. This school year I do face not my most fun year. My sixth sense has kicked in! But don’t worry I am very prudent and careful! Guess that the Capricorn is alive and kicking in me for the moment!

In case you consider this all boloney! Personality and character shape you! On top of that parents pour in some of the ingredients they consider important. Well, my dad happened to be a Capricorn as well and my mum is a Cancer. And if I have to believe many I am alike my dad! So?!

In general they say this is about Capricorns:

Traditional Capricorn Traits
Practical and prudent
Ambitious and disciplined
Patient and careful
Humorous and reserved

On the dark side....
Pessimistic and fatalistic
Miserly and grudging

People who have the pleasure (uhm!) will be able to pick out at least three of the ingredients of mentioned here above. Even the dark side ones are damn right!! Yes, I do admit,I can be so pessimistic and fatalistic (so was my dad!!!) and miserly (for the moment big time!). Guess twice, I am having a stay at the dark side. But I am fighting back and hopefully I have been able to make up my mind at the end of this weekend and can I return to my more funny side!

I bet that visiting a bookstore, a nice handbag store and having a smoothie will do the trick. I will have the pleasure to be accompanied by two Pisces. So to make sure that they won’t go for the dark side this afternoon I will be checking out their daily horoscope before we are going out! Hey, I like to be prepared and I am careful! Only I am very pessimistic about what we will have for dinner: the caviar and the lobster we ate yesterday and the champagne bottles are all empty!
Please let the force be with me!!!!!

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