zondag 6 september 2009

Going up, coming down!

When I woke up this morning I did remember that I had a huge nightmare about my present job. Perhaps it is a side-effect of detoxing of summer but it was a rather scary one. But once I got up and about I did feel ready to make that one decision that I needed to focus one in order to think straight again.
So I around noon I picked up the phone dialed that one number to break the news to the person in waiting for my decission. My heartbeat went wild and I felt quite anxious once I put down the phone. But then it hit me:

- I did it!!!! What I felt so insecure about and wonder if it would ever happen to me happened right there when I dialed those 9 digits.
- I will have that new challenge that I am after! And according many people that I started to bug with my dilemma it is the perfect thing for me to do!!!
- I will be able to learn new things! Not that I don't pick any new things up where I am now but I was desperately after a brand new environment.
- I feel back a more motivated person. For a second there I lost my drive and that was not the Stallie that you want to meet in the mornings or in the evenings. Unless she was joined by a Cuba Libre or two! And hey, teaching under influence is not my cup of tea!

So 48 hours ago I seemed lost and not focused at all. After a successful shopping spray, a smoothie and two men that made me laugh I did feel much more upbeat. In the hallway my newest asset is parked: a brown very cool looking bookbag on wheels!!!! Yes, I got that new Mandarina Duck bag that I was after! And will for sure take that one along on my new adventure!

The only downside(!)of the day was the moment when one of the chairs gave in under my weight! Before I knew I lying on the floor and did I suddenly felt a bit less upbeat! But hey, what goes has to come down once in a while! Now there is a chance that I will wake up with some colors that were not there before. Blue might be one of them but not a chance that I will feel that way when I will open my eyes tomorow morning! Seems like this girl is even looking forward to waking up on a Monday morning! I have already packed my sunglasses to face the very bright skies!

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Stallie, ik ben zo blij dat je de knoop hebt doorgehakt. We geraken allemaal zo snel vastgeroest binnen onze onderwijsjob en een nieuwe uitdaging gaat de verzuring enorm tegen.
Geniet, proef, leer, ontdek en doe nog zoveel meer. Je draagt er heel wat van mee, geloof me! En je komt eruit als een betere en sterkere leerkracht.