maandag 7 september 2009

Maid of Honour-to-be!

It not happens that many times that you wake up on a Monday morning and feel that upbeat. You are try to recover from weekend hangover and hope that that first day of the week will pass asap as it came up on your calendar!

Well, this morning I was feeling not that bad because of I decided just about 18 hours before. A and P were as well a good mood and I was ready to face a typical day at work: dealing with teenagers who don’t want to be in school after two days in better surroundings.

Before I knew my working day was over and I was heading back home. Still, with a smile on my face. Even some of my co-workers had noticed in what good mood I was. Facing the daily traffic jams I even did not mind.

Once I had browsed through the newspaper, read the article about Kim Clijsters beating Venus Williams, I started dinner and hoped that my two men would join me in the very near future to share my last smiles of the day.

Suddenly the phone went! It was N! She told me in a very excited voice that they finally had a date for their fairy tale wedding because they have accomplished their mission impossible successfully: they have got a venue!!!! I was so happy for her because I knew it had cost her and also P gallons of sweat&tears. ‘Good news!’, I was thinking while I went to look for my diary to put down that VID (Very Important Date!!) but then she told me she also had two maids of honour picked!

I personal have this thing going on with weddings but also with some of these rather formal function that some people get to do at weddings. Already for some time I was hoping to be asked. There I was standing in the kitchen and I felt so great!!!

N and I go back some time. We did share some very nice days but also some very gloomy ones. She was there to pick me up at the hospital when I had my sinus-operation, redecorated my studio (that desperately needed a make over!), we travelled together to NYC and Washington DC where she copped with less fun moods in the mornings, we moved both to Brussels at the same time and lived just two streets way from each other and most of all she was there when I was afraid when she would perhaps not be there! Stallie got in trouble or felt very down N was there!!!! And in return I do try to be there for her in the good and the bad times!

Lately we did not manage to get together that much. I still need to inform her about some of the stuff that happened to me personally! Ever since the whole wedding planning started N did turn into one these stress dolls. Every time she called me with a wedding update I kept my fingers crossed that it was good news. And bingo this was the one call she probably had longed for ever since she got engaged!

Hard to describe what I felt like but for me it was the perfect ending of very nice day! My arms were covered in goose bumps and I felt so honoured. So you can imagine that I know don’t get anything done. My head is spinning and I just hope that I will be able to fall asleep! And N, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! This means the world to me and I promise that I will try to be the best maid of honour that I can be!!! Just very happy that I will have a sidekick as well because then we will for sure be able to turn your wedding in the unforgettable dream wedding that you for sure deserve!

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