zaterdag 9 januari 2010

I HATE.....

One of the cartoons I loved to watch when I was a child was 'de Smurfen'. I had some issue with the fact that there was only one Smurfin but still I did like those blue little creatures and Gargamel I would have strangled if I had caught him torturing one of them. The cat Azarel would have been given the benefit of the doubt because I am diehard catlover! One of my favourite smurfs still is 'Haat-smurf'. All he does basically is saying:'I hate surprises! or 'I hate Smurf-berries!' or 'I hate jokes!'.

Being hate-smurf seems to come in handy when you do hate some things. So please forgive but for the next few lines I am going to be hate-smurf.

-I hate colds!!! Tissues all over the place!
-I hate people don't wait for their turn at a shop! Lately I make a sport out of it. 'Seems you are in a hurry and so do I. But I guess that you have tons of reasons to take my place', does do wonders. Need some extra courage to do this but the reactions are sometimes to LOL!!
-I hate people who consider my Opel Corsa as the best car to get in front of on the highways! Seems that my car works like a magnet and I believe now that size does matter on the road.
-I hate people who pretend they have not seen you and did make eyecontact and on top of that know you! In shops it drives me wild. Sometimes I wonder if it would help that I would jump over the counter and help myself. Or that I would just scream somebody her or his name very cheerful when he/she is ignoring me.
-I hate people who always manage to say what they think but don't expect of you the same. Sometimes they don't even give me the opportunity to react. The faces that they showed me when I did talk back and told them very plainly my side of the story told it all!
-I hate rain! Not a single umbrella seems to get me out of trouble. In my possesion tons of umbrellas that look rather arty farty but won't let me stay dry out there.
-I hate slow working computers or computers that don't work at all. Not to mention temp files that suddenly seem to have vanished into thin air!
-I hate it when people break, take away, borrow stuff that is mine without telling me! Sometimes personal belongings disappear out of my class room or even wardrobe or kitchen and not a single soul can give me extra info on their whereabouts. Perhaps filling out an extra form could do the trick. Some people do need help to make the transition!
-I hate brussels sprouts and eggs and I did try them over and over again and it never agreed with me. The eggs even make me throw up. So if you ever invite me over for breakfast or dinner please forgive me that I don't give you any nice comments about these dishes.
-I hate people who ask me questions that they can answer for themselves before I had one cup of coffee. Tons of questions I had to answer in my life of this kind and I wonder if some people think that those are intelligent questions.
-I hate prejudice. Figures that one if you have written a dissertation on 'Pride&Prejudice'. But I do believe in first impressions and group dynamics! So fascinating to observe and I love it when people dare to speak openly about this.
-I hate people who make personal jokes and then tell you that is only a joke!!! Yeah right and I am the pope! A good joke should always be funny so no excuses there!
-I hate people who don't keep their word/promises. I know that this is perhaps also one that is the hardest to keep myself. But many times people have promised me something and they have taken it back! 'We know Stallie, that you don't mind but....',can only make it worse! Inside I am then a vulcano and you should see me then at the other end of the phone or in my car. Ready to go mental!
-I hate lists with no purpose what so ever! Uhm, guess that is a one that does not stand anymore! I LOVE LISTS!!!! Like this one! Wonder if 'Haatsmurf' loves being 'Haatsmurf'?

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