zaterdag 9 januari 2010

They are back!

'The Belgians are back', one of the Australian newspapers headed! At the beginning of the week I was a bit nervous for the fierce girl of W├ępion! It is one of the comebacks of the year and so I guess that Juju was for sure not the most calm player out there. So every morning I woke with the news and was a bit eager to know what Kim and Justine did out there in Brisbane! The two of them seemed to be in a winning mood. Some started to talk of a final. And yes, Friday morning it turned into be a fact: Juju would be playing against one of her old enemies on the court: Kim!

Because I am one of those fans who sometimes just can't stand the heat while watching the game I decided to let A have the opportunity to watch some breakfast television. Just so that I would not be tempted to turn on the TV and get distracted. But like always an other medium made go completely wild about that encounter: the radio.

By the time that the two players got into the 2nd set I was once more the the stress chicken! If I would ever end up in a stadium while these two ladies are playing a final then you will have to pump some Valium into me because otherwise I will be asked very politely by the tennis fans to leave the building!! Even our house is too small to hide.

So then I had to convince A that we had to watch this and that was not easy. But then he decided that he was going to cheer for Kim and we had a deal! What I witnessed was just like in the old days: pure suspense and two players fighting for each ball! Loved the split and the ralleys. When P came and saw the score we both conclued that Juju was going for the kill! But after a very exciting third set and a very suspensful tiebreak it was Kim to hold up her hands in the air.

God, I had missed this for quite some time: the fierce look in Kim her eyes, her split, Justine her breathtaking backhand, her endurance to go after even a lost ball, her wild look in her eyes. For sure this was a winning weekend for the Belgian out there. Also 'Whoopie' Yanina won in New Sealand!

Welcome back Justine and thanks Kim for the very emotional speech. Brisbane will for sure adopt you when needed because donating your prizemoney to their children's hospital is also very nice way to give something back to the world you play in. Respect!! I feel in my bones that 2010 will be for sure a very 'special' tennis year!

P.S.: Please forgive me for hiding behind a couch when we would ever end up watching a game together. It is just my way of handling the supsense.

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