zaterdag 16 januari 2010

It is a sign!

As an educational supervisor I need to drive to many unknown destinations. This is a real challenge for a person who only obtained her license only 6 years ago! These car trips I do consider a bit like an adventure. I do try to be prepared before taking off. Besides some extra fluids and some candy to survive when getting stranded I take along a print out of the driving directions. Because I still am one of those rather pathetic individuals who tries to survive without the sensual voice of the GPS.

Not that I have not tried to obtain one. I even begged P a few times to buy one of those intelligent electronic devices. P then goes on about he likes the driving sensations like discovering new places. Yes, P thinks that being a good driver is someone who needs no GPS and still uses the most elementary device of all: instinct!!
Needless to say but P then seems to forget very easily the many less pleasant conversations we had in the car while we were driving into the country side.

Most of the time they go like this:
P:"I think it must be somewhere around here!'
S:"Hmm! Okay, you are the driver!" (But thinking instead: ‘We are going to be late!!!!!)
P:"Do you think it is around here?"
S:'P, how can I know? I have never been here by car! Have you not looked up the directions!?"
P:"Hey, I have been working the whole day! So, no!"
S:"You better give them a call, telling them we are going to be late!"
P:"I am sure! It should be somewhere around here!"
S:"I think it is not! Just call them and ask them for directions." (Thinking:'You don't dare, do you! Because then they make fun of you!)
P:"Where is the map? Take a look at it to find out where we are!"

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! By this time I am almost getting completely out of control. First of all because this scene takes places most of the time between 7 and 8 in the evening and we are both low on sugar. And in the need for food!
Second of all I then am asked to find our way on a map! I do believe that women their brains are not equipped with orientation tools!

I am then the one who uses her visual memory by pointing out that we already have passed by for the 4th time this petrol station and that we should try to find a certain building that our friends have mentioned that is close by their house. In most cases we then find their dwellings because I am the one who can remember what car they drive! Or what color their house is!

So yes in most cases I can rely on my visual memory to find the right way. But this week I have the distinct impression that this trait is failing me. I got lost twice in one week! One time I managed to drive around for more than half hour in a radius of 2 km before turning into the right street. Another time I just couldn’t remember the street names of the streets! Especially that last one worries me. I had been there before numerous times!

In both cases I had to use a helpline and it made me feel a bit out of tune. Okay, it is not the end of the world to get lost but if you are so close to your target and then can't find it, it is rather ridiculous! By the time I walked into the apartment of my friends to enjoy a nice and tasty brunch I had to be prepared to face some less funny jokes about people getting lost.

Best remark of that lunch was: ‘you better let people know on your Facebook status that you got home safely!' Hahahaha!! By the time that I was digesting a tasty croissant I started to recall my last car adventures! Hum, yes this must be a sign that it is time to invest some money in a GPS! But I would prefer one with the voice of George Clooney!

I vaguely recall someone telling me that they have a GPS especially designed for women with interesting maps for us to use! Perhaps this could be the perfect birthday gift for P to get me but then getting lost is in a sense discovering new things: like a tiny little shop where they sell awesome cool stationary or a bakery where they sell yummy looking miniatures pies that look as art work. Guess that the GPS won't gain priority status on my wish list! So sorry in case I call you to help me out with directions! I love getting lost!! It makes my life so much more exciting!

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