zaterdag 25 december 2010

Stallie Her Xmas-card Issue

Uhm, I have this thing going on with my mailinglist for xmascards. I use to have a digital list of the people we did send A his birth announcement to. P managed to delete that one about a year ago. Happened right before xmas. I totally freaked out. P then came up with the sublime idea to just make a digital card and then mail that to all our friends and family. Yeah, right! We had already bought all our xmas cards so.... was I about to give them away to the Salvation Army or what?

I then sent some textmessages to friends to ask once more for their address: again!!!!! Well, I kind of forgot to write down the adresses our friends did mail us for the tenth time! Most of them seem even to forget that you do better put a return address on the back! I was brave enough to send one final request and also some first requests. And so now I have got this oldfashioned addressbooklet where I am going to note down all the mailing addresses and then never have to ask again.

You might wonder why I still prefer the 'real' xmas card to the rather modern one. Well, it is an act of love and labour I put into that one special card. People who know us for a very long time to know that we take quite some time to send out our newsletter. Our personal feedback of how we experienced the year out there. I hope to get started after I get back from my mum. Will be feeling as a stuffed turkey because of all the food that she will have prepared with love for us to digest with love!

I only write that in Dutch. It is a tradition. There are people who even check if they are still on the mailinglist and if I will still have the time to write that one letter. Uhm, well! This year I have a bit a writer's block but I hope that the champagne will do wonders.This year I was thinking of also translating it into English but I have second thaughts about that one. Would never be the same!

I can post it here and then you can perhaps put it through Google translation. You will then have a very good time trying to decrypt that one. So when I politely ask for your address I am not stalking you. I might get carried a bit away because of the spirit of xmas and that I do love to mail people real cards. But for all these people who this year won't get on the mailing list or rather prefer not to receive one I picked out the card here above as my personal xmas-card of the year 2010! Especially for the Twitter-family I get to spend a rather nice time with: this one is for you! Because these boys&girls, ladies&gentlemen will always stay on the Safe&Sweet Tweet Side of Life!

P.S.: I will be driving home for xmas (Boxing Day) and can't wait to hold E in my arms and look into those incredible brown eyes of hers where hope can still be found unconditionally!

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