woensdag 5 december 2012

The Holiday Season On Toeshoes


It is the Holiday season and I also link this festive season with certain kind of music. Not only the many xmas carols or angelic hymnes that I might hear when I turn up the radio. There is one piece of music that for me expresses the ultimate xams feeling. I even know where I was when I did hear this for the first time. I fell in love with it. This for some very obvious reasons but also for some less obvious ones.  This piece of music can evoke many great memories I have in my life but also some less nice ones.

Today while driving home it was on and yes I have got some dark skies coming up. There is snow in the air and once that Saint Nicolas has passed by A&I will set up our xmas tree.  This piece of music can trigger something inside of me because there is a certain power in this music that can make me feel very happy and getting into the xmas spirit.

Okay, there are many great xmas songs and I do love the classics but this is just that bit extra. Yes, I have been for quite long time dancing on this music myself. My favorite part: The Trepak/Russian Dance. Today when I drove home from work while some wet snow was falling out of the sky and with in my Hello Kitty lunch bag a Sinterklaas food treasure (kruidnoten, amandelstaaf en speculoos) I did suddenly get into the spirit.  Sadly to say it was rather hard to dance the Trepak in my tiny car... 

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