zondag 2 december 2012

Xmas Count Down

Yesterday A got his Saint Nicolaas gifts because next week we will getting ready for exams. Something I not look forward to because it will mean that I will be coaching a kid who prefers LEGO-bricks above numbers and spelling.  I might have to get some prozac into this house in order to survive this period of the year. Believe me that we sometimes are doing incredible mental acrobatic tricks to finish homework.  I would love to be Edward Cullen at these moments. I mean, I sometimes do not get it what my son does not get.

Still, chocolate is all over the place and the advent calendar is out. This means that Stallie is getting ready for the Holiday season. Today we even woke up under a duvet of snow and had cancel the indoor baseball tournement because driving in this natural product P just can't handle. In a way we are mentaly snowed in.

This week I had already sometimes that warm feeling that makes me feel rather fuzzy and more postive about many things. 

- A watching every evening with me to the DVD 'Dag Sinterklaas' and getting into the spirit for the good Holy man to deliver. We had once more amazing conversations about this anual festivity. A even ended up on his lap during a company party.  He ended up with a board game with a high educational content what was a bit hard to explain. P&I had to make clear to him that the old guy is not always bright enough to remember the preference of all his well behaving children.  The box will be used when the dark and cold January and February evenings arrive.  Can you tell that I am very happy with that box.

- Chocolate shopping. Stallie and chocolate are a very special combo. Not that I consider myself a chocolate addict but I love that brown gold. The smell of chocolate can make me already smile.  I was then also not happy when a certain person in the national press did dare to describe Belgian chocolate as 'over the top'. EXCUSE ME?  Turns out that he only tasted the mainstream brands and did not even bothered to dive into the hidden treasures.  He even admits this openly. FAIL!! Major FAIL! There are some out here that can still make your head spin. Our favorite will be delivering the chocs for the Ritz in London. Visiting their tiny shop and look in atelier is like being dragged into a gigantic bowl of 4 star chocolate.  This holiday season I will very glady bite into af few extra pieces because some of them are prepared with love by Geert or other 'chocolatiers' whose heart beats faster for the 'authentic' Belgian chocolate.

- Spoiling many around me and getting xmas packages ready. I am slow on this part. It takes ages for me to find that one perect gift that I think some people that I wish would be closer to me. Chances are few that the box will make it to you in time to rest under the xmas tree. Just consider it then an after xmas gift.  Best moment so far was having one of my God children over and spoiling him. It was so nice to see his great smile even when it was covered into spaghetti sauce.

- The xmas-bazaar at work where I ended up working in the 'surprise room' and where only children can buy presents.  I had to be the personal shopper of many under 12 kids and had to show my best wrapping skills.  Xmas morning many mothers and fathers will end up with gifts with a high laughing content but it was so lovely to see the effort they put into making up their mind and creating tags for them. Unforgetable and also the fact that my principal showed off the singing skills while I tried to tackle wrapping paper and tape made this day unforgtable.

But most of all I love the be able to start off with using the advent calendar.  Together with the advent wreath those are the true heralds of the xmas season.   A his advent calendar is quite daring because it is a Star Wars themed one and I settled for a rather boring looking one. I also still have to look for the perfect green wratch with ribbons to put out in our living room.  Slow...remember I am slow... but inside my head candle #1 is lightned and am I counting down the days.

 P.S.: This one is in Dutch but chances are likely that part of this so clich√© advent discussion you will even understand even if you speak Chinese, Italian or Arabic.

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