dinsdag 25 december 2012

Living The Christmas Message

It is Christmas!  Next to me sits a 8 year old one with his unwrapped present and a gigantic smile,  also quite near is a Christmas tree with still lots of presents under it and I am playing Christmas songs... So this must be Christmas....and my mind came to a total stand still...something that is quite hard to do if your name is Stallie. 

Normally this girl goes totally insane the days before the Holly night... I jump on the metro for last minute shopping in Brussels, where I have to find my way amongs tons of lost tourists who are basically are only after two things: the location of their hotel and chocolate...  The supermarket and I also have some Christmas issues going on because it then happens more then once that I have to overcome tons of obstacles that only occur at this time of the year... My Christmas tree is also a source for worries because the moment you have dressed up that whole tree for the occassion and try to switch on the lights...nada..  Stallie feels then how should I put it a bit less Chrismassy... I then even tend to pout a bit..

Still, this year I decided to twist things and keep up that smile that I had during the lovely Christmas luncheon at work. This year I wanted to be one of these jolly Christmas people who just manages to get all the Christmas duties done without falling into the Christmas mood-trap.  Stallie was going to show how she can survive the Christmas rush to the world... I even did let people jump the line but this only by adding a line like:'I guess you have got the Chrismas turkey in the oven and do not want to get it burned' or 'You still seem to have lots of work to get done before being able to have a peaceful and calm Christmas.' Some of the faces I got to witness where priceless.   The face of my mail man was also a happy one because he was missing for quite some time but he decided that he just could not let his 'clients' down for this special&intense time of the year..

Now one night further I do know that celebrating Christmas should come along with a manual... because there are people who have missed out at getting to the central message of this whole universal occasion.... Stallie tries to be world citizen and tries very hard to be aware of all the global conflicts that go on around her.... I do feel sorry for people who just do not seem to get the central meaning of Christmas....

Stallie does not always agree with the mortals who suddenly think it is the time to write a speech and call it their 'Christmas'-message.... Suddenly my newspaper, radio station and television is filling up with people who think it the right time to get their message across.  Many feel called to coppy the angel Gabriel whose message did for sure came across.Well, sorry boys and girls your timing *ucks... I wonder who came up with that idea in the first place?  It almost feels like that some of these people feel the neccesity to make us concentrate on certain issues.

Hey, I am not stupid that there are very crucial problems that have to be taken serious but can we please wait till I have stored away the Christmas linnens,have emptied a few bottles of Champagne, written my Christmas cards, visited my beloved family and friends, had a minced pie and a mug of muled wine, made some long distance phone calls, perfected my art of giving...and most of all prayed and was granted a few moments to be hopefull, prayed, tried to medidate and perfect my mindfullness... all things that I do consider quite important in order to become a better human being? Just wondering because honestly this year I still have to come across a VIP-Christmas-message that justifies this timing...

Perhaps is Stallie a bit naiev and too romantic to get the whole thing about broadcasted  'Christmas messages'.  The content of these speeches has got no effect on me.... because they more and more sound like something that is more fitting for the first of January after that we took the time to take a good look at our selves and eat, pray, love and miss what we care about deeply.  After all I do not think it is fair to rain on the parade of Jesus and Santa...  Perhaps I should next year for Christmas ask for a 4 star quality umbrella!

Have yourself all out there a wonderful Christmas and I bet that I do need to point out what the real message of Christmas is and how any of you should live or act around this time of the year.  Chances are that most of you have already found out yourself!  Happy Holidays next to manger or beyond... Many of you will be missed and wished to be standing under the mistletoe with me...


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