zondag 2 december 2012

Nativity Set Issues


Advent is a fact! Like mentioned before Stallie loves this time of the year.  A and I even have our own calendars. Mine is rather boring to his one. I mean Star Wars Lego figurines and such will always win the battle of a paper snowman.  I hope to find very soon a wrath as well because I do like to fill up our house with xmas spirit. But first Saint Nicolaas has to get back on board to Spain and then we drag down the tree and other garlands.

But all around me many of you are already gtting into the Holiday spirit. But I have got a dillemma going on. A few weeks ago the present pope was so kind to give his personal interpretation about one of my favorite xmas objects: the nativity set.  At this house we have got a Playmobil version but also one from Equador. Undoubtely many of you know what a nativity set looks like.  Well, the pope has changed his mind about the interiour design.

According to him the following do not belong in there: the oxen, the mule, the camels, the sheep, the 3 Kings and also the singing angels should be evicted.  He backs his point of view up with the Holy Scripture. Nowhere they are mentioned and so what is the point of letting them show up in there if there is no proof of them on paper.  I can tell you that when I was reading this news article that I slightly was producing words that are for sure not part of Pope Benedictus his daily vocabulary.

Adjusting our nativity set is not so much work. We can just leave them in the carton box and perhaps we then also should not listen to the lovely xmas hymnes that are sung by lovely female voices. Not such a big deal but I am having an issue with this. I do... Because in my head only a genuine nativty set that makes xmas complete is a filled up one.  Looking at that set tells me so much about what the central meaning should be about at xmas.  Yes, Stallie loves this time of the year and it is then that my hopes are a bit more positive for the world all together. And I do not leave out anyone or anything in that spirit. Not even a camel and if one of my younger nieces wants to put a plastic elephant or flamingo in it who am I to evict it?

Now that I found out that Amazon won't deliver the Kindle I am after as a xmasgift I am very much tempted to order a new 'complete' nativity set.  In this house all will be granted Holiday assylum and can enjoy with us the xmas spirit.   So even if you are an elephant or an ostrich or even a flamingo or a lost soul you are all welcome to move into our nativity set!   We will glady turn up the music and sing with angelic voices Silent Night!

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