woensdag 22 juli 2009

In need for some pixiedust!

We are back from Disneyland Paris!!! In a way I am quite relieved because it is quite a challenge to guide a five year old through a funpark of that gigantic size. Needless to say that A was quite impressed by everything he saw, smelled, felt, heared and tasted!! Because I had been there before I knew what to expect but still there were some nice surprises.

And now we have unpacked all, did some laundry, put the Mickey Mouse mug and tin in the cupboard and have integrated the Toy-Story figurines with some old residents. The digital camera still needs to be downloaded. On there tons of nice visual memories of three days pure magical fun! I even dare to call it the best therapy out there! Still, taking your own children to a place like Disneyland is quite different then when you go there on your own.

As a mother I loved the fact that I was able to take A there and see how much fun he had. Some of the looks he had in his eyes were priceless. That you have an excuse to wave at Disney cartoon characters, can buy some nice Mickey Mouse stuff without being considered too old for it, singing songs out of tune and still feel good about it, scream as loud as you can when you are on a fast ride, ride a merry go round and don't feel out of place, and last but not least are able to travel back into your childhood when you thaught that Snowhite and her 7 dwarfs, Tinkerbell her Pixiedust, the magic sword of king Arthur, the big ears of Dumbo, the dragon of the Sleeping Beauty were almost true to life in your own imagination!!!

A pointed out that he loved the castle, the merry go round of Lancelot, the Pirates Beach, the Disneyland railroad, the fishtanks of the Rainforest Cafe in the Disney Village and also their food, posing with Winnie The Pooh (thanks to a very professional photographer named Alexandre!!!), driving Buzz Lightning, turning wild in the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups, flying up and down in Dumbo the flying elephant and screaming at Stich with other kids.

He also let us know over and over that he had an issue or two with having to wait in line, having to stay close to his concerned mother, facing the very long waiting times, having to hold up his pee, not being able to buy that cool pirate sword, having to wait at every corner instead of running of for a new adventure, that he couldn't finish his popcorn in one go or couldn't have soda drinks from dusk till dawn!

I did understand him because I had also some issues with having to say more then 1000 times a day:NO!!!! On top of that I hated myself for sounding like one of those overconcerned mothers who try to sound like teachers. Honestly, there were moments that this fun trip seemed more like challenge. A was challenging me and using all the tricks he knew in order to make his mother go wild. While trying to point out once more that I did not have won the lotery and that he couldn't have one of those Disney gadgets I just felt so much alike my mother. I had this stern look in my eyes and I was looking down at a five year old with big crocodile tears in his eyes! Do I need to point out that A, being a premature and considered stuborn and hard to bargain with that, did take rather long to put back on his happy face! There were some moments that I have wished for some pixie dust but I guess that Tinkerbell was not just not up to this tremendous big task because I seemed not to be the only one who was the evil witch coming straight out of the tale of Snowhite!

At the end I have to say that going to Disneyland is more then just funrides, posing in front of the camera with your favorite Disney character or watching the parade going to Main Street! It is seeing your kid growing up and wishing you could travel back in time and be a kid. A his best punchline when he came home from three days of Disneyfun:'Dad, you need to give mum some more money!! She does not have that much money as you do! Mum needs to buy me stuff!' Believe it or not, I did not have whispered that one into his ears! I swear it on the big Micky Mouse ears! Next time P will need to come along because I really want to get into all these wild rides that we now did not end up doing because of A. Guess that we will be back in Mousekingdom!! Miss it already and I am now under the attack of Buzz Lightyear who thinks that I imprisoned his friend Woody!!! Help!!!!!!

P.S.: If you would ask me what Disney character I love best!! Guess twice there is only one who loves books and is after a big adventure out there in the world. A, I now rather compare with Stich!!! Can be cute when handled with care!

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