woensdag 15 juli 2009

A, the dirt devil.

Ever since the break out of Mexican flu I am a bit over sensitive about this subject. For me any disease where there is sneezing involved I become very uncomfortable. There was a time that I was blessed with sinusinfections and that my best friend were tissues in all colors and sizes. Thanks to a very nice doctor who took a very deep look into my nose and made very clear to my father that a sinusoperation might work I feel now much better. Every year for me 9/11 is rather a happy date to celebrate 365 infection free days!

Still every time when I catch a cold I feel not that safe! I had the flu once and I felt horrible. I even remember that I had the impression that I would never recover. Do I need to point out how I feel about this most recent blue virus who seems to have a global party? On top of that I am one of those people who just reads everything there is on the internet. Not good!!!! Your head starts to spin and after a while you just don't know who or what to believe.

And now that they have decided to get the army involved to pass out Tamiflu and mouthcaps I just start to worry even a bit more. Personal I already pay a bit more attention concerning my personal hygiene. Not that hard. I love washing my hands and I prefer paper tissues to fabric handkerchiefs that need ironing! But my biggest challening in this whole flu-story is A!!

A 5 year old seems to me more and more an health hazard!!! He just leaves behind so much dirt and produces so much body fluids that I just can't imagine that he won't be the one who brings this into our house. Washing his hands seems to be a waste of time and so I am running after him with soap and a wet cloth. I try to point out that he can't go with spitting that much. A then gives me one of those looks that he considers me an alien coming from Mars! He moves on and happily touches everything on his way leaving behind tons of invisible germs.

And then there is the body contact you have with that lovely dirt devil!! For the moment he kisses me and huggs me more then ever. In the mornings he climbs into our bed and he then looks for a way to crawl as close to us as possible. He loves to put his face close to mine, look me straight in the eyes and then puts on his most happy smile ever!!! Best wake call ever but not bug-free!

So the be honest I think that we are not going to be able to hide for this one. P, being a doctor and me being a teacher qualifies us being a risk as well. I am not afraid of getting sick. The average virus, has P told me with his doctor voice on, has only one mission and that is to multiply as much as possible and not to kill. There are some exceptions to the rule but in general a virus is not a lethal weapon.

P his words are also backed up by one of our national health advisors Marc Van Ranst in the national press. In one of the interviews that he gave to our national press he pointed that he even considers a virus something rather intriguing. Tons of stuff that we even take for granted seems to be able because of those tiny little creatures!!!!! When our minster of health called it a 'courageous' virus it must have been one of her hallmark translations when she has to speak Dutch. But it was the first time in all these weeks that it made me smile. Courageous virus or not it seems like A will be happy to spread it around. In the end I might even end up with some extra time off from work. Guess that it won't be long till the first profile pictures on Facebook turn up with mouthcaps!

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