woensdag 22 juli 2009

Matters of the heart.

P and I are now almost 8 years together! Quite a nice number of years and I must admit that there are moments that time catches up with me. For the moment there is still no wedding band in sight but that is fine. Really I feel now rather relaxed about. There will be a day it is my turn and that is good enough for me. I am aware of the fact that less and less people consider us even getting in front of the alter. But I don't care anymore. Almost tempted to elope! I am not kidding!
P is one of those work addicts who loves his job above all. Patients come first and there are moments that I feel so left out. We have missed out quite a number of nice parties and receptions because he is one of those people who needs to be on call! On top of that P is rather modest. For him being a doctor is so natural. He just happened to study hard and was able to become a specialist. Not a big deal!!!
When I met him I felt quite impressed because he was not the typical young doctor that I had so many times met in my life. Very down to earth but also rather ambitious in his field. I have seen him in action and I know that he just then pushes him self to the edge. When is up there trying to find an opening with a stent then he is there where he feels best. I just sense then that is where he gets the best professional results.
Once someone asked me if having a relationship with a doctor is different. Perhaps a rather strange question. It is only a fact that P his profession seems to be in the list of sexy professions. There are tons of people that buy these cheesy doctor stories. And yes, there are many girls and women (have to admit that I am one of them) who like ER, Grey's Anatomy or House MD and fall for the guy in the white jacket or the green scrubs. They seem to be so powerful and have that bit extra that we women fall for. They are lifesafers and never give up in the heat of the action. But is this the reality?
Getting together with P was quite an adventure. When I saw him for the first time whe had already talked hours over the phone and I just was intrigued by his warm voice with his rather French accent! When I saw him for the first time with his wild curls and his cute glasses, his nice hands (which are very caring and his most precious asset of his body!!!!! He would take an extra insurrance if he could afford it) and his blue shirt and nice suit I just melted!!!
While walking in Central Park in NYC with N (still have the best memories ever of that trip) I just knew that I wanted him to walk next to me. I fell in love in NYC and he was not even there with me. I ached for him and I just was after that one kiss in the moonlight that you just dream of! With him I wanted to go against stream, take risks, discover the world, get kids, feel alive, share my deepest feelings and grow old!!!!
So eight years ago I had that one date that was the best ever!!! We went out for dinner and then
drove to Alden Biesen. It was already around midnight and it was full moon. Inside I was just aching and I just wanted to grab his hands. But I helt back and when he suddenly stopped I even walked by and kept talking. P then grabed my hands and he then gave me a kiss that I still sense, still can give me goosebumps and still can make me smile. He took my face in his hands and then looked me straight in the eyes!
Now, eight years later, we live together, are the parents of A and eight years older and wiser. I know now some facts about relationships that are not that romantic and rather harsh. We do have arguments about many things but I do see still a man who really tries to do the best out there. He can be rather stuborn and he goes against the stream once in a while. And believe it or not is also of the rather insecure kind.
When he woke up this morning he got dressed (blue shirt and nice pair of pants) and left for work I wished he could stay a bit longer with m in bed but duty calls at eight! He was ready to face a new day and you can assure that when you ever end up with him that he will be the best doctor. You might wonder if he is not the resident because he hates that white jacket! And to be honest white is not his color. At the end the day I am the one who gets the honor to watch with him all these medical prime-time-doctor-series!!! And not a single one of them (even not Doctor Chase or Doctor Mac Dreamy) can beat the real thing!!

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