woensdag 1 juli 2009

Summertime, quality time!

Yesterday I wrapped up the schoolyear! It was for sure a extra-ordinary year for me and so this time I really look forward to the summer break. The first days I will walk around a bit lost like I am without a certain direction. But in a few days I will for sure be in the right summermood. This mood means that:

- I will have an alarmclock without a snoozefunction and no known wake-up time. A will be for sure the wake up call to start a new day of this two months break. He might even use the hard ways like opening up the eyes of his sleepy mum and then ask very loudly if I am still asleep!

- the sales have arrived and that I will be spending more money on A his new wardrobe and that I will settle for some leftovers found in the last week of the sales.

- my booktower needs to come down. I have enlisted myself for the summerread and on top of that I hope to read some of these books that I have saved for the summer. I will be traveling to Peru, China, Sweden and Africa while reading!

- studying for retakes! I don't know if it will be only one or two. I don't consider this a mission impossible but I just hope that I will find enough time to squeeze in some study work.

- trying out new recipes that I have come along in my Delecious magazine and just didn't find time for to prepare because of not enough energy and time.

- entertaining friends and family. I hope to have our neighbours over for the very first time. After three years time has come to let them in and hopefully create some new friendships.

- travelling!!!! I will travelling solo again but I don't mind. First trip takes me to the lovely Brown Family in the UK! Next stop is Disney Land Paris! Can't wait to see A his reactions when he sees Mickey Mouse walking by or the Disney castle right in front of him when walking down on Main Street! And last but least I will take my mother for a trip to Switserland where we are going to visit my sister L in her new natural habitat!

- entertaining A! Won't be easy the whole time. But he is going on his first kidscamp this year! It will be exciting to see how he responds to new surroundings and experiences. On top of that I have been spending a fortune on activity books to practice. Kindergarding is more and more a very long preptime for gradeschool! A can copy his name now and sometimes he even puts something down that you can recognise being his name!

- contemplating about my work! I have almost finished my English CV and will be putting together my German one as well in order to apply for a a new challenge. The few last days have convinced me that I really need change.

- going to see my mum and staying a bit longer to see old friends! Can't wait to have breakfast in the shadown with a breathtaking view on the garden!

- calling my dentist to make an appointment, getting my hair cut and colored, one more relaxing shiatsu massage from N (you have golden hands), going to that one fantastic spa that I have my mind set on, getting my feet and hand manicured, getting my leggs sugarwaxed,etc

- attending wedding receptions and for sure then have some blue moods that my own wedding is still not a fact and that more and more people give me the impression that they have already have given up on attending that happy occassion! But I won't give up hoping!

- applying sun screen, wearing flip flops, sandals, getting mosquitobites and wearing all these summeroutfits that seem so much more colorful!

- trying to deal with my laundry and ironing that I have tried to ignore! It lying there waiting for me, a soapy wash and a hot iron! Hate that but someimes a woman needs to do what she not prefers to do!

- dealing with the so typical Belgian summer weather! One moment it will be very hot and the next moment it will be rainy. There might me days that you seem to have the idea that Autumn already has arrived. In my purse you will find sunglasses, sun screen and an umbrella! I don't want to get surprised when I walk in a shop when the sun is shining and by the time I have paid that it will be raining cats and dogs!

- keeping up with this blog that now celebrates its first birthday! I am happy to see that I still try to keep this thing going. There are moments that I wonder who reads this but then I consider this my diary and I don't feel that bad about not having that many hits! Just be so kind to leave once in a while a comment because these can inspire me when I am having a writer's block!

Seems like I will have a very busy summer and that I hope that I will at least get done 80% done of the things listed her above! I am ready for summer break that will be filled up with many moments to cherish, not too many mosquito bites or Mexican flu (but then chances are that it will find me when Autumn or Winter time comes along!) and that I won't get sunburned! Have yourself a wonderful summer and always welcome for a nice mojito! Cheers!

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Ik ben de vakantie begonnen met het tellen van 35 muggenbeten op mijn benen alleen. Te veel van het goeie dus.
Verder heeft de zon de eerste schade aangericht en zijn de melkwitte schouders nu verbrand.
De eerste uitdaging van de vakantie was het rondfietsen met Mona in een fietsstoeltje en die is geslaagd. We hebben de speeltuin onveilig gemaakt en de eendjes die rustig aan de waterkant lagen zijn maar snel het water ingedoken.
En verder is er voorlopig de onwennigheid, de draai moeten vinden, het opstellen van to-do-lijstjes en de zoektocht naar rust.