vrijdag 26 maart 2010

In need of a good doctor!!!

I am skipping class today but I do think I have a very good excuse: a doctor's appointment! Not that it feels right to do so but I do need to see somebody who knows better. Since last weekend I am running around with a very annoying cough! I even wake up at night! And I even sleep they way the kings and queens did at Versailles: sitting straight up in bed!!!

What I am feeling for the moment is a constant pain in my throat. It is like there is a hand down there that is tickling constantly and making me wanting to cough for hours! No running nose but my throat feels like scrapping paper! Even a visit to the chemist did not help. According to them I have a cold of which all the proof is not evacuated through the nose but chooses the way down!!! So now I am tortured by my own body fluids!

You might wonder why my in-house-doctor is no option. Well, the advice and comments he gave me last five days were the following:

- 'Go out and do some sports!'
Like I feel now fine enough to take a dive into the local pool that is also the home of tons of germs?
- 'Be patient and use some nosespray!'
I do use that spray already for a few days and according to the folded instructions that I bothered to read this time throughly you are not supposed to take it longer then five days!! Crossed that line!
- 'What did the pharmacist say?'
I do believe in the fact that these wise and very educated people can give you good advice but it is not that this nice lady inspected my throat before charging me for a whole bucket of medecines!
- 'It will pass!'
Yeah, that is for sure what I want to hear now! Okay I am not suffering of a lethal infection but still these are my least favourite words when asking him for some medical advice. And that is the best and most accurate advice ever because when you pass away all the rest will have passed as well!!!

So if this is the best someone with 13 years of education under his belt can do I need something more drastic: an other doctor. So in about 2 hours I can go and see a real doctor. One that will listen to me and take my problem seriously and then take a look into my throat. He then will give me some useful advice. Okay I will have to pay for that! But still I will feel taken seriously and that is something that counts for the moment!!

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