vrijdag 5 maart 2010


Memories I cherish them and not only the good ones but also the more gloomey ones. I do think that even the less nice ones can make a difference in your life. People who know me better will hopefully agree with me that thanks to the mind we are able to create highlights that stay with us for the rest of our lives. And the best ones are the ones that suddenly catch you by surprise.

When I got home tonight after surviving an other rush hour and using abusive language that can't be published here I turned on the radio and there it was again one of those special memories. While 'You are always on my mind' by Ten Sharp was one I was standing there again in the hall ways of the Pedagogische Akademie in Stams, Austria. Through the very long and warm hallways there was coming in sun light that was reflected by the tons of snow that had fallen that night and I was waiting in front of nice wooden door (quality woodwork done my Austrian craftsman!) with my folder filled up with music) to get in for choir to practice for the xmas concert.

While students were passing by and heading for their classes I was listening to some wonderful piano music. It were the piano lines from the previous mentioned song. Right there in front of that door I just knew that my stay in Austria was going to be connected with that one song! During those few minutes I made numerous word connections and associations that I still can recall when I hear the first notes of this song.

And it only got better when that door opend up and the piano player came out: it turned out to be one of my fellow Belgian Erasmus students: I!!! Up till that moment she had never told us that she played the piano. This girl with blond hair, a bubbling personality and studying PE turned out to be a gifted piano player.
-'My God,I!!! Did you just play that song in there?'
-'Uhm, yes! But is just something I play when I feel a bit bored and need to keep up with my music?'
- 'You never mentioned you played the piano!'
- 'Well, I am not that super! And that was not hard to play, you know!'
- 'I, it was so nice to just be standing out here and hearing you play!'
- 'Really?'

I was blushing and seemed to feel a bit out of tune. It seemed to me that I had found out something about her that she was not proud of.
Before I could make her one more compliment she just took of leaving me standing there with a big smile on my face and memories created that seem to stand the test of time.

So today in my kichen I travelled back to Stams and travelled in three minutes through time that now seems a life time away. You can bet that up there in Stams in the mountains I did feel as alive as ever and that 'You' does not stand for just one person but for tons of people that I met during those 4 months. So thank you I for playing that song that day while I was standing there!


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