vrijdag 26 maart 2010


There are some moments that one needs to reflect about how life is treating you or even the other way around! Well, I did that mind-exercise and the outcome is rather bleak. Even temped to use the word horrifying! Sadly to state it but is the truth I do need to make some changes.

Yes, like you might have noticed in some previous entries I am a bit on the edge. It even caused me stomach pain and sleepless nights . Daily I trying to regain my focus and just deal with the facts that truly matter in life. I did make myself some promises about my own happiness. In the end more and more I am convinced that your most of the part responsible of your own happiness!!!

The word responsible in that last sentence is quite a meaningful word and is used by many. It stands for tons of things and all of us will have some responsibility. Lucky are those who consider themselves free of that sensation. It makes them the most positive human being alive on this globe!!!

Yesterday N called and she told me she has got a new mantra:’Don’t take it personal!’ Sounds great to me because we, women are constantly accused of taking things too personal. Well, perhaps she is right that taking tons of stuff too personal will make you feel rather depressed. So now I am trying to rephrase some of the projects I feel personally responsible for:

1. I do feel responsible for the European democracy!
That Greece had a big beach party and seemed to have forgotten that they are responsible as well for all the club members that were not invited to that party! So now this nation knocked on the door and asked for help!! Perhaps we should all book a trip to Athens or start a B&B and then sing songs like Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan did. Very fitting lyrics that I come to think of it:’The winners takes it all. The looser standing small!!!!

2.I do feel responsible for our animal kingdom:
According to the latest numbers of Greenpeace there will be no wild guerillas left. Because we have been a bit too unkind to the jungle! Too much wood that we have taken out of their habitat. Perhaps I should go over to see our neighbours and suggest very nicely if they want to replant the trees they did just cut down! But I better wait till they have put the chainsaw away because I am not after a main part in a thriller!

3. I do feel responsible for my household:
As generally acknowledged do most women still don’t get paid as much as their male fans! And even when they are doing the same job. In Dutch they have a very nice saying for this:’Het glazen plafond!( the glass ceiling’) So now they have invented the EQUAL PAYDAY!! Like that will work because now the newspapers were so women friendly to report about the amazing fact that most men are hidden homemakers. They would be able to bill 13 hours extra weekly if they got paid for being actively involved in their households. Well, starting tomorrow I am going to keep track of every single thing that I do between the four walls of my house. Wonder if P knows what I am worth but that bill will be a six ball figure!!!

4. I do feel responsible for my personal believes and wishes:
According to the latest study they have done in the is nation the younger generation wants basically the same as the older one: a degree, a steady relationship, a good job, a house, living together, getting married and children! The moment I woke up and my brains picked up that news I looked at P and told him in a very down the earth voice:’Guess that I am the most normal in this relationship after all!!’’ But chances are that he has not copied this because he was still snoring away!

5. I do feel responsible for every pupil under my care and take my job description very seriously.
But in this case I do feel that rephrasing is of no need. Some people were so nice to do this for me. Not that I am very happy with the outcome of that exercise. Because I firmly believe in certain values and principles when it comes to teaching and dealing with educational subjects. So when I am pointed at (even if it was indirectly and I did not need to take it personal) and are asked to be the responsible teacher in many dimensions I do take it even to a higher level. But I am very sorry to break the news to you that I won’t forsake and that I want to be the most honest teacher I can be. Just to make one thing clear don’t take it personal I am just acting according to my true beliefs!!!

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