vrijdag 5 maart 2010

Wasted time

Uhm, do I have excuses to explain why I did not have posted anything lately. Yes and no. Believe me, I have tried but I just did not manage to finish any of them. Writer's block? Nope!! But I just seem to have less time but so many things to do. For some days now I have the impression that the longer the days get the less time I have in the evenings. One of the reasons that time seems a bit abstract is due to the fact that traffic is one big mess. The average time I end up in a car is lately 2 hours! WASTED TIME! And if I did not have my little radio-CD player I would have ended up in the looney bin by now.

My latest asset to tune up my CD-player is the recent album of the Spanish group 'Marlango'! Chances are few that any of you has ever heard of these three spanish musicians. It is only thanks to the Spanish connection in my family that I am fan of the first hour. My favourite number is called 'The Long Fall'. And it does reflect for a very great deal what I feel like:

Skies are open, eyes are closed
I'll take a while to put on my clothes
You will walk in and I wake up
And the world starts another round

Eyes are open, Sunday's slow
Linger around the coffee shop
Girls in spring, show their skin
As the world starts another round,

Skies are open, eyes are closed
You linger around the skirts,
I will wear my Sunday smile
And the world will start another round

You will walk in and I wake up
I will wear my summersmile
And the world will start another round

Make it long, take it slow
All we have is this free fall
All we have is this long fall.

('The Long Fall',Marlango, album:The life in the treehouse)

So thank you A, L and O thank you so much for creating once more a nice album. And yes I do feel a bit like a groupie!!

P.S: On You-tube you can find the nice clip under 'The Long Fall'! Surprise, surprise (believe me or not I have only checked out this after writing this piece!!) there is a big part for a car in it!

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