maandag 16 augustus 2010

'Can't stand the rain'

Uhm, I should be blogging about the 'super-cali-fragil-istic-ex-pi-alidocious' time I had at Disneyland Paris and I am not! Don't panic, M!!! I will but it won't be today because for the moment I am obsessed by a certain weather ingredient. It was also part of our Disney adventure and I am very tempted to pimp up my title with it as well! But it will have to wait for an other 24 hours.

Rain can make feel so down and in combination with the overload of female hormones I am blessed with it turns into something rather lethal. Once I then manage to get my nighties exchanged for something that I can show myself in outdoors I am already wishing the day would turn into the night. Hey, it is August and I want to sit outside and reading away or I want to be able to linger around in Brussels wearing toe-slippers or I want to meet up for outside lunch and drink chilled white wine and have rasperry sorbet for dessert.

Instead I ended having warm red cabage with apples for dinner and I was also considering baking some old fashioned chocolate cake. Baking season only starts around October in this house. While I was contemplating my options in front of the pantry I called my brain twisted and ran out of my kitchen! IT IS SUMMER!

Still, I ended up getting socks out before I planted my feet into my favourite pair of shoes. Uhm, this is August not October!! My umbrella got wet four times today and so did I. It only got worse when a very professional newsreader mentioned the word Autumn in the weather report. If it had been an option I would have strangled that insane sounding person who was messing around with her seasonal vocab! IT IS SUMMER!!

P ended up facing a Stallie who was not in the mood for anything productive. He was the one who managed to get even more wet by driving to the swimming pool and he was so brave to clean out the freezer wearing a summer outfit. He is my brave soldier in these hard times. Still, I feel like I want to find an extra blanket or crawl into a nice sauna and sweat away. IT IS SUMMER!!!

Okay, there are many activities you can do in the rain. Dancing, singing, kissing, jumping into puddles or just splashing it around and make others wet! Romantic walks under umbrellas or just chasing the one you love in the pouring rain are also an option when it is raining cats and dogs! I have to admit that I love the scene in 'Four weddings & a funeral' where Charles (Hugh Grant) is popping the ultimate relation question to his Carrie (Andie MacDowell. They would have won without a doubt the title of Mister and Miss Wet T-shirt for that one!

Still, I could not imagine myself doing one of the above mentioned activities in my own street! Some of my friendly neighbours are so allienated by life that before I even have managed to kiss a lost frog or have walked half a mile wetting my outfit in the hope Hugh Grant jumps out of the bushes they would have called in the troops to bring me to a safer haven! IT IS SUMMER!!!!

I am totally with Bella Swan when it comes down to rain. 'I don't really like the rain! Any cold, wet thing, I don't really ...' Unless it is a very cold Mojito or a dive into one of those breath taking pools with in the background blue skies that just hurt your eyes by looking at them. A ticket to the tropics that would be just what the doctor would prescribe for me to get the through this wet and depressing period of time. But then if I come to think of it: dancing, singing, kissing, jumping, chasing after P in the tropics would also turn me into something rather wet as well! IT IS STILL SUMMER!!!!!

P.S.: On YouTube Tina Turner her song 'Can't stand the rain' is to be found in the combination with some very fitting and arty farty pics. At least I manage to watch this without getting wet and cold!!!

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