vrijdag 20 augustus 2010

May the force be with any 'Twilight'

I am almost at the end of my summer break. Mentally I am already picking out new folders and putting together new projects. In a way it is seems that inside I am up for ten new months of educational fun and perhaps some chaos! The book stack is almost vanished and yes, I made it into book 4 of the Twilight Saga. For the moment I am half through the more then 700 pages. And I am truely enjoying every printed word of it! Guess, that 'Twilight' became a fixed ingredient of the summer of 2010 or is is going way beyond this?

Uhm, what I can I say? Well, I try to make up 'excuses' when some people look at me like they are bitten by a vampire themselves when hearing I am into this whole bloody epic! After all, it is one of the few free choices I have left in this society: picking out my personal reading material. So no, P could not manage me to stop reading 'Twilight' and will never understand truely what the hype is all about.

One look at my house I do think A &P have a few obessions going on themselves. N was so kind to point out this out
- N: 'This can't go on! You need to do something about this, stat!'.
- S: 'What can I do? They are in this together! I am flying solo on this one?'
- N: 'You should get this stuff out of the living room. Let A select some of his favourite pieces and put them on a shelf in his bedroom!'
- S: 'Sounds, like a good idea but it is them against me!'
N was looking rather out of tune at the biggest invasion that has taken place in our house. Finally she shrugged her shoulders and then settled for ice cream.

Still, N is right because I did tell P this is getting out of hand. Not that I am talking about cars this time. Still no certain specific car parked in our garage. If you wonder why you have not received not a single dinner invitation the last 10 months then this is the only justification I have at hand: LEGO.

Our living room resembles for the moment one big Lego workshop. AHHHH!!! The numerous moments that I have tripped over a tiny Lego stone or was forced to dig into a huge bin filled up with unidentified Lego bricks in order to finish a new creative construction A & P had come up just before bed time were numerous! Lego has managed to screw up many evenings. At least that is what it do my evenings!

Don't get me wrong I do like LEGO! My brother his LEGO-heritage can be still visited at home. This gigantic construction entirely made out of Lego includes even some female features I used to play with. But P has this one certain thing going for one collection that has nothing girly! STAR WARS! P&I have in common that we do like the whole Star Wars Saga but he for completely different reasons then I do! He can rave on about the armory, the outfits and the sounds the engines produce. P his eyes then start to sparkle and before I knew he had A infected badly.

To make things worse there is this whole new Star Wars world that you now can dig into: The Clone Wars! It is a cartoon on television telling the adventures of Anakin (the one turning completely black, dark and evil) Skywalker. This still peacefull colored Jedi then has tons of adventures out there with his friends! He manages to save many 'unknown to mankind' planets and keep as a friend many strange looking creatures. In between battles he tries to woe his true soulmate Padme with his Bambi like eyes!

A few weeks ago my Star Wars fanatics tricked me into spending over 50 euro on a DVD-box with Season One on it. Most episodes I do know by heart just listening to the sounds! P and A still look at the screen like they are wiped of this planet and were time warped! If it only stayed that safe I would not have gone in a certain state of despair! But in front of the TV there is a whole Star Wars engine park to be found!

I am almost sure of the fact that George Lucas would be able to move in and feel at home! P surfs the net while watching certain episodes in order to find 'things' in LEGO! Before I have turned my back he has managed to order a new box filled up with sheer Star Wars fun!

Being a very patient person I do try to understand this whole thing as a father-son adventure. Still, I have a very hard time that my house is a danger zone for high heels (tripping) and children under the age of 3 (choking hazard)! I am so tempted to sacrifice my office to Star Wars and beyond. Because I want to turn this into a real living room where I can put down a love seat, hang frames at the walls which are filled up with nice shots made all over the world, get it painted in smooth colors and get that one 'special' bookcase made for it!

P&A seem not to agree with me because the latest news on the final frontier was that very soon the complete Season 2 of the Clone Wars will come out on DVD! With other words so much more inspiration for Lego-designers. And P will be fired up then once more behind his computer to order a new box.

The most hilarious scene that took place this summer was when P put A to bed and announcing:'I will get Twilight!' While hearing this and thinking that this was my cue I ran up to this bedroom. 'Here is mummy!', hoping for a wet kiss! 'No, mum, dad, will go and get it!' And a few seconds later P entered with one of these high tech looking Star Wars transporters.

Turns out that Anakin Skywalker has got this personal transport engine in which he goes out there to save Padme and kick some ass with some less peaceful alliens. It looks rather funny with just two little wings (at the same side)- and this huge canon at the other side. 'Can this fly?', I doubtfully asked them. I can tell you that the vicious looks I got from them were not that funny! 'Mum, this is Anakin he can make anything fly!', A answered! P was imitating the sound this obvious smooth flying object produces while battling many succesfully!

Did I feel out of place at that moment. 'Twilight' is now battled on two fronts in this house. To be realy honest I do not know what would happen if I would send out Edward or Carlisle over to Star Wars headquarters asking very politely to move out of our living room. After all, books can be pieces of furniture, Lego is a life hazard! May the force be with any 'Twilight' out there!

P.S.: In case you wonder what the Lego version of 'Twilight' looks like:

P.S.2: Just to point out what kind of material P&A keep themselves busy with:

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