maandag 23 augustus 2010

Laughing Medicine!

Today, I have been back were I seem to be at my very best and called passionate by others. Believe it or not but I still can be up high up in the sky when it dealing with the educational world. Okay, I am a bit anxious about starting a new schoolyear because new beginnings can make me a bit jumpy and less secure for a few minutes/days. The last few weeks I have done some planning to grant my pupils a very entertained 10 months but 'the proof of the pudding is in the eating'!

Still, today I already managed to screw up most of my PLEASE DO-list. I was ready to go ballistic one more just by walking through the hallways. It was the radio that I turned on in order to chase away the bad spirits and managed to let me breath again. Before I knew I was dancing through my classroom! Wonder if an other member of staff caught me doing this?

Best news was that it helped to get my tensed body a bit more relaxed. Of course spending half a day in building where your stress can triggered badly and not knowing what the next 10 months will bring is a quite a challenge. Still, I love teaching and I damn know why I am still doing it. But I have got my principles and I do stay true to my educational beliefs! Teaching is for me so much more then picking up a text book and trying to make it work for my pupils. It is an attitude and sometimes one that can hurt!

To make sure that I stay focused and once in a while ignore some certain individuals and situations I do know that laughing will work as well. The last few months I came across many nice internet laughing moments and those can even make me LOL! In order to let you share in the laughter I post her a few of Stallie her personal FIRST AID LAUGHING KIT!

1. The Green Wing (One of my favorite shows to change a depressing day in something more shiny) Just try to imagine of you colleagues doing some of this stuff!! It is for me the best way of LOL after a very despressing day out there!! Don't worry I won't be jumping out of a closet, wearing only my underwear and playing the recorder! Come to think of it, you would get a crack out that, wouldn't you!?

2. Simon's Cat!! I am a true catlover and A loves them as well. They seem so much more mysterious then dogs (don't take this personal, doglovers but the Egyptians did treat them as royals!) Sadly, P&A are allergic to everything that has got hair and walks on four legs! So not a cat allowed into the house. But thanks to the very lovely internetsite called 'Cute Overload' I can still obtain my share of pure animal love! This cartoon I think is a real gem by a British cartoonist! More to be found about Simon and his cat on

3. Beautiful Disaster & Twilight Dad: Carlisle Cullen/Peter Facinelli Yesterday night I was wide awake in my bed because I finised 'Breaking Dawn', book 4 of the 'Twilight Saga'. And nope, I did not keep my eyes dry while reading the final chapter! The four books made me smile, LOL, shiver, daydream (and many more very human emotions!) so many times and will in the years to come make me smile many more moments. Also the 3 movies I got to watch this summer were so much fun. Yes, I am 'Team Carlisle' because this vampire dad has got it all but above all some of the stuff he truely believes in I do as well. Uhm, and yes I do admit it now openly I twitter with Peter Facinelli!! His humor can make me smile and he is still goofing around! Even on set!!

4. Pure emotions and joy at the Youth Olympics
Today the Youth Olympics come to an end. Not that we Belgians did that well out there. Once more it was one of my favorite pic sites The Big Picture that can make me marvel at the perfect shots of people in action. Not always photo shoots are that cheerful but these 30 something pics made me smile for sure!! Pictures can make me smile all over!

Singapore 2010 Youth Olympics - The Big Picture -

5. Shikara her hips and song 'Waka Waka'
The summer did not raise to any tropical temperatures at this house but in football country and way beyond it might have shaken some hips! This song for sure made me move around in my kitchen! Also the memory of A & M in the car making rather funny sounds while listening to the first notes of this song can still make me LOL!! Love also the lyrics of it and yes the football field resembles many times that one of a war zone but it also brings out the best of people! For sure this one will make me smile when feeling down in the months to come!

P.S.: I challenge you here! But how many times have you been smiling while watching one of these?

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My answer: the whole time ;-). Simon and his cat zijn zalig! En van the Green Wing ben ik ook al enkele jaren fan. Love it or hate it, hier thuis ben ik de lover, Vince eerder het tegengestelde. Fijn dat je dit deelt met jouw lezers! Btw, dat etentje van vrijdag klonk erg leuk! Goed uit eten gaan kan zoooooo [positief, choose the word yourself] zijn...!!! Tot morgen, trouw op post! Fx