maandag 23 augustus 2010

School & Life Essentials

Like mentioned before I have this thing going for lists! Not that I am obsessed with them and most of the time they end up being rather mental one. Because once I have to write them down they seem to become less appealing and too unrealistic! In the end like the majority of people out there I seem to just turn only half of my TO DO, SHOULD MANAGE-, PROMISE TO- or PLEDGE TO- lists into reality!

But this summer I had time to contemplate about certain situations and things. Especially the whole stomach issue hit me right between the eyes. So therefor it seems that some pledges or promises are perhaps healthy to take into consideration. Because, yes, a new school year is looming around the corner. In a few days I am back in my classroom filled up with some new ( those ones I am even tempted to call 'newborns'!) and old faces. So it is back to the old routine where I put on my teacher face and try to keep every single pupil and colleague of mine entertained and happy!

Still, I do want to do some things differently or at least try. Because old habits are hard to break, it would be nice if somebody once in while would remind me of this personal ' PLEASE DO' list. It might end up being my personal manual in order to stay away of being the sometimes very down and stressed out teacher I can be. Okay, I do consider myself sometimes the MEAN teacher but it is rather MEAN WITH A TWIST. Pupils and co-workers who had the priveledge (uhm, uhm) to end up in my habitat (and yes, I am not the most organised of all teachers out there) do know that I have got my better moments!

While putting this important list together I had to keep many into consideration. First of all me, myself and I! It is MY list so it better works efficiently enough to keep me going strong the next ten months! As well up for beneficiaries of this V(ery)-I(mportant)-L(ist) are: P&A, my family&friends, colleagues and pupils. Not want to push it too far and hope that mankind in general will get better because of this! So at least I downsized on this bit to keep it work for sure.

Here we go:

Stallie her personal 'PLEASE-DO'- list to make it through the new school year without a scratch or scar.


1. HAVE BREAKFAST!! In the previous decade I have failed big time on this one! Hey, I am teaching my pupils about healthy food habits and I don't manage to get this one right! The whole painful stomach chapter has thaught me that breakfast can make the difference! It will hurt because I do intend to get up 30 minutes earlier for juice, hot toast and tons of yoghurt!

2. STAY FOCUSED ON WHAT TRUELY MATTERS! VERY HARD one. Before you know my mind is triggered when I walk into the school building. Because I ssem to be blessed (or rather cursed) with this sixth sense. But also in order to keep the stomach going strong this is so essential. Please, don't take it personal when I am ignoring you once in a while! Give me five to snap back in the 'right' Stallie teaching attitude without having to face one that is fired up with the latest Star Wars armory! !

3. KEEP OUT OF CHAOS! Foremost when dealing with paperwork and administration. Over and over I manage to be the one who ends up with the most disorganised folders. And opening one of my office or classroom draws is like there is popping up a monster! Needless to say that even before xmas that I am treasure hunting for borrowed assets that my collegues or P are searching for desperatly! But I am also aiming at the mental chaos and that will be an even bigger challenge!

4. TAKE CARE OF MYSELF! Here I will need to get some expertise of others to make this one come true. Because I have used numerous times less apealing sounding adjectives to describe myself. This school year I do want to spend more time (and also money!!) on my own well being. In order to get this one covered I intend to get my hair done more frequently, visit the Benefit Brow Bar (there is one now at Inno Louiza!!!) more often, use a bit more makeup to cover up those wrinkles and tired looking eyes and shop for clothes not only when it is sales! It also includes getting warmed up in a sauna and excellent shiatsu massages from N!

5. BREATH Not that hard for a human but this can save me for tresspassing to the dark side. Being called patient by many means that I do forget to breath deep enough when I am upset. I don't want to end up slamming doors and yell at certain beloved and less beloved ones because you just happen not to be on the same side with me for once. It is not worth it! After all it is only your behaviour I do not approve of and not your personality. We don't all have to be best friends. So as long as we can at least cope with each other in the same room and make it work for all it is super!!!

6. BE AMBITIOUS. Uhm, I do have a tons of projects lining up! And I do intend to get at least half of them done. Two have a big potential and some cost some personal effort. Think sports, work, education, Europe, writing, books and many more. Some are brand new projects and others are retries! One will be rather scary because it means to go back to my educational roots of English and history.

7. BELIEVE In people, things, love and GOD! I don't intend to go on the same route as Julia Robberts while she filmed 'Eat, Pray & Love'. Can't afford to take a sabbitical and travel around the world. Still, I am going to give tons of people and things the benefit of doubt! But once I mention that I have given you a few shots to get it right you better run. And when I walk into a church I do want to be a few minutes on my own to be just with the invisible and hard to grasp power there might or not might be out there!

8. LET GO I will have to let go!! Can be an obessive thinker but if I do end up getting this one right it will cause happiness to many. Not only myself. After all P and A have the right to end up with a happier mother and person then one who manages to be so preoccupied with less important things. In order to make this one work don't freak out when you see me tree hugging or talking to objects. I am a true believer in the fact that 'Green Wing'-humor can make the difference. So in case you wish to comprehend me fully you will need to borrow this DVD-box and all will be clear!

Eight, I ended up with eight items I am going after in the months to come. Uhm, perhaps a bit too ambitious! Seven would have been better because that is after all a holly and lucky number. Is this even an good idea to put this on my blog because now it is into the open? Everyone can now make me remember this list and that is the big difference with all the previous personal behaviour list that I ever designed! Still, these eight things are after all still only intentions! They might collide with your intentions! But I am going to give it my best try ever! I do intend to turn this into an extra ordinary special school year for all of you!! PROMISE and hope your chances are high to run into a healthy, organised, faithful, stylish looking, ambitious, focused and above all easily breathing teacher!!!

P.S.:Best tip ever to survive Stallie this school year does stay unchanged: hand her over a cup of coffee with a biscuit before you disturb her with your personal requests. Or when you intend to aks a huge favour of her: a gift certificate for books can do wonders. Books, sweets and coffee will make me forget any list! Even this essential one!

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Inge zei

Er zitten een aantal moeilijke tussen hoor Stallie en de ene dag zal het alweer beter gaan dan de andere.
Maar voor de maagperikelen ken ik maar 1 grote remedie: NO STRESS!
Dus af en toe moeten we een zen-moment inbouwen!

Marina zei

Keep this list and check it everyday! It's a good one!!!
Something has arrived at my blog! Wondering what might be???