zaterdag 21 augustus 2010

A drilling experience

I just had it!!! I am done and there is not much you can do about this but I am about to get into one of these rather aggessive spells! A boxing ring would be for sure the best habitat for this upset girl. Yesterday I spelled it outloud that I just had not the best summer break ever and I was blaming certain objects and situations for that. P was so honest to admit openly that he is partly to blame for this!

The cause of my rather stormy temper are A his teeth! This summer we made it five out of seven weeks into a dentist office. Believe it or not, but they ruined P his 2nd week of vacation because we stayed close to home and the dentist office! Yesterday is was once more bingo. A was complaining again and he even cried his eyes out. Hard to cope with if you know this kid can deal with pain the hard way.

A is not blessed with great teeth. But he has got not inherited the sweet tooth of his mum. The only thing he does like is a pop soda and even those glasses he does not finish most of the time. But sweets he only looks at and eats them with his eyes. But this summer we found out that his tiny little teeth do attract tiny little creeping animals that make you creep over the floor when they attack the hard way!

Having two parents who are obsessed with teeth and brushing them correctly is hard on him. Because it is a battle every day. I have lost it a few times!! No patience what so ever. My bathroom turned into Waterloo! 'Every single tooth you have got in your mouth is worth a Porsche!',('The yellow one of Alice Cullen would be nice!',I muzed on inside my Twilighted mind)I tried on him!' Thank the Lord for godmothers who come up with great practical birthday gifts. The day the Disney Oral B electric toothbrush moved in it did change a bit for the better.

Still, A is now the most loyal visitor of the dentist. The first few times it seemed that he was even enjoying the whole experience. He just ran into the 'torture' chair and the vocab he used was more fitting to describe a new box of Lego! This little boy was smiling away while his mum was sitting there on a rather uncomfortable chair and clenching her own teeth when witnessing the drilling part.

Already 3 times he got the whole drilling experience without any sedation what so ever. WOW!!! But now even the dentist thinks it is enough. Yesterday she broke the painful news to me that she thinks they will have to go in there the real hard way. Seems that one more visit would be too traumatic and make the dentist change into something less appealing! (werewolf, vampire, Darth Vader, Hannibal Lecter, take your pick!)

So when we left the hospital I walked on my hand with a kid who is facing minor surgery! And I hate it! I truely do! Okay, they are just going to take care of all his teeth in one single go and therefore want to put him under. So that when he wakes up at least he won't remember a single thing. And as a result of this sleepy trip that the dentist doesn't have her number up when it comes down to traumatic memories of childhood!

By the time I got home I had changed into the bitchy and witchy Stallie! P tried to play it down bravely by pointing out that there are worse things. Uhm, brain surgery or heart transplant perhaps? Yes, but hey this a 6 year old who has to go into hospital to get his calf's teeth filled up. For once his imitation Carlisle Cullen-attitude and smile did not manage to do miracles.

My mind is now triggered and I even wake up like I am completely exhausted! Just want to get his over, make it move on, let the whole teeth chapter become a thing of the past. Not that it will be but please let us skip to the part where just 'normal' dentist visits are part of the package. A retainer, no problem, part of puberty! A is up for that one for sure! P and I had that one hanging around in our mouths and it was not like it turned us into monsters. We were just two amongst the huge crowth who were wearing an extra tooth accessory.

Worst of all is the timing. Because with September coming up and A starting his real school carreer this is just the worst time ever to have something like this coming around. Believe me, having to go to school with constantly tooth aches and not being to able to eat normal lunches can make you feel dead tired. I can not see him dealing with the beginning of this extremely important school year with dragging along his painful teeth and his painful moods in his brand new filled up red carry along bookbag!

So now I am in a very bad mood! I am on a strike and refuse to participate in some more cheerful activities. Planning for my next ten months of teaching are now kept on hold. Every time when I now see a toothbrush, a toothpaste commercial or a sign of a dentist I just go ballestic! For once I can't wait to have Monday showing up on our Mary Engelbreit day to day calendar because then P is going to call the most experienced children's dentist at the hospital to make final appointments! She better have a big hole in her work schedule in order to drill and fill up some of my son's teeth!! Otherwise I will be next trauma she is facing!!!

P.S.: I did manage to get done one very important thing! Something that will take me to new educational places and insights and I can't wait! One more paper to fill out and then the security badge with my face on it will be a reality! The one I have been waiting for so long to obtain!!

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Oei Stallie, ik voel met je mee. Klinkt idd allemaal niet zo leuk. Al maar goed dat A zo flink is bij de tandarts! Tot vrijdag alvast! (of vroeger, indien je toch wat afleiding nodig hebt en eraan wil toegeven)