dinsdag 12 mei 2009

I can see clearly now!

Work is one of those spots were life unfolds itself! Where I work we try to cope without our C.E.O.! We manage but it is strange not have that familiar face around. And I can tell you for sure that not having a principal also creates some tension amongst your collegues.

In the beginning you feel fine and think that things will go back to normal in no time. That this superman who seems to have multitasking as a second nature will be able to overcome any setback in a record time. Well, being human also means that you need some time to put things in the right perspective! So now we have to deal with a brand new situation and also different people in charge. It's then always with some anxiety that you look ahead of what the future will bring.

In my case it seems that I now suddenly get to see some things that were not there before. Or should I rather say that were hidden? That backstage things were not what they seemed while you were acting out your daily routine. Or did I perhaps try to ignore the signs that we all are just human and seem not all to function in the same way?

More then once I am now in a while dissapointed in some collegues that I personal really think highly of and still do. I also have regarded my workplace as a safe haven where people worked with an open mind and where all people were granted second chances. Even those that perhaps have made mistakes in the past. It now turns out that I might have been a bit too naive or did I just take for granted that all people do have the same moral compass?

Do I now give up on the dream that I believe in? No way! I still believe in the fact that there are out there enough true souls! For now all I can hope that is that the future will tell what the past wouldn't. I can only state for myself and that is that I can see clearly now and as a result I still learn. Guess that working in a school is for me still the place to be!

I can see clearly now,
the rain is gone
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun shiny day

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Inge zei

Je weet hoe ik er tegenover sta he Stallie. Hoewel de afstand wat vergroot is, blijft de bezorgdheid toch bijzonder groot.
Ik hoop op gezond verstand, heel naïef misschien.