zondag 10 mei 2009


My weekends are lately very nice! The last few weeks I ended up going to reunions, weddings, receptions, shopping sprays (always spending too much money) and dinner parties! One of the side effects of those activities is that you have to face the past once in a while. So while spending a evening at the a nice spa for a relaxing sauna and rejuvenating beauty treatments ( I had some years scraped of my face and look now so much younger) and going to a brunch with my family I ran into:

- S, who I gratuated with at high school and who I end up seeing not as much as I want to. But once we end up in sauna with a bunch of people we hardly know we seem to be able to catch up in no time. It won't surprise you that we made some leave the hotzone because we ended up laughing too loud!

- R, the lucky one to put her hands on my face, hands and feet and make them look so much nicer. We talk away for hours and last night her husband came to look for her and was I the last one to leave the spa! The excuse:'Hey, I told you that I was going to be later because C was coming!' Uhm, so I am qualified to be used as an excuse!

- A, one of the collegue exchange students! Always nice to be able to talk to a person who really understands your way of confrontating the world. Turns out that we lived for some years in the same city but never managed to ran into each other. We ended up exchanging phonenumbers and hopefully can we continue our talk very soon. Tried to bribe her over with fresh croissants and Nespresso coffee! Can't wait to see what this will lead to!

- Mr H, my Lating teacher at high school. It was strange to be standing there and being questioned by him. Like I had to fill out one of his notorious tests that I always failed for. Well, this one was rather an easy walk through the woods and I seemed to get an A for that oral exame.

- The family N, who once I was so close to and still consider as the nicest family that I ended up with while dating one of the guys that broke my (it might be the other way around as well) heart. It is always rather painful to suddenly have to shake hands or kiss the cheeks of the people that might have considered you the perfect daugther in law. Their laughs, smiles and interested looks while I was talking to them can still unsettle me. While I was talking away and filling them in on what my life was all about I felt a bit out of place. Some words really touched me and the way they looked at A said it all!

By the time I drove back home I couldn't resist the idea of what things would have been like if..... But then one glance over my shoulder and seeing A strapped up in his car seat, his face painted as Pikatchu and sound asleep tells me that the chances that he would have been with me that day were rather low! Guess, that broken hearts can never be healed completely but the sticky hands and the nice mother's day verse A delivered with a big smile made me melt away as much as the ice cream scone that he had dropped on the floor while my latin teacher walked by! Uhm, guess that Latin won't be A his thing either!

P.S.: here below the verse that A delivered especially for me for Mother's day!

'Liefste mama,
Is het waar?
Heb ik nog in je buik gezeten?
Dat ben ik helemaal vergeten.
Toen was ik zoooo klein.
Nu ben ik heeeeel groot.
Toch wil ik nog op je schoot.
Dan geef ik jou een dikke zoen.
Want ik ben jouw kapoen.'

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