donderdag 21 mei 2009

Keeping up Appearances!?

Today, I was once more where I used to live: Brussels. Every time when go back down there it makes me smile. I had planned a lunch with V (one of our old neighbours when we used to live down there!) at Pablo's. V and I used to spend hours in her cozzy living room chatting away in the company of some wine and a bag of crisps. The fact that she is a quite sensitive person and has got her heart in the right spot makes it always nice moments to hang out with her.

While I was catching up with her I suddenly realised that I truely appreciate her being herself and that not all the people that I daily run into are functioning the same way. And that I have same small issues going on in my head with some people that I have to deal with. Because telling them in the face what I don't like or think about their personal behaviour won't be that easily I have chosen to put it down this way. So I hereby I want to share with you my hotlist of things that annoy me the most when dealing with people:

- when talked to actually doing something else. I am not talking about multitasking. I truely believe that the average woman needs to be doing at least two or three things at once. Otherwise they would never get to the real things that matter! But when talked to please make eyecontact. The waiter might be betterlooking but still.....

- making up excuses. More then ever I seem to have the impression that I am one of the few people with an agenda with lots of blank spaces. On top of that I turn to be a back up plan when plan A doesn't work out. You should hear the excuses that people have used to call off the last minute! I might then say very politely:'Oh, that's okay and we will have a raincheck!' but you can be sure that I am then showing the finger. No hard feelings but hey, what can I say? I do truely look forward to meeting people!

- forgetting about the magic word! It's still one of these basic rules out there when dealing with people. Saying 'thank you' won't kill you! I'm still flabergasted by the number of people that take things for granted. Yes, I had to learn this also the hard way but now I know for a fact that it does make a difference! Perhaps one golden tip:Hallmark does have a very nice selection of thank you notes to choose from. Or if you don't have the time a short text message will do the trick as well!

- being twofaced! I meet them everyday people that seem to have multiple-personality-disorders. I have to pull myself together when I have to deal with them because a small voice inside me is then whispering:'He/she is now deep down not thinking nice things about you!' Well, hey, I truely believe if more people would take some time to talk out things openly this would be a better world. And for those who want to keep up appearances: take some acting lessons! You now give yourself away so easily that it makes me laugh outloud!

- not keeping their word! I am always very cautious when people make me promises. Only a few out there kept theirs. Sorry to say so but you can't expect the words to be enough:'I know that I made you a promise but I know that you, Stallie, won't mind!' Hey, I do have feelings and I do look forward to some of these promises that were made. So don't be surprised if you then will hear me say that I do mind and that I am very dissapointed!

- not dressing for the occassion! This one is a tricky one knowing that I still live by the dresscode thaught by mother. Her being a true believer in ettiquetes did not make it any eassier on me. Try to explain to me why a pair of flaired jeans and a plain shirt is enough to attend a wedding reception? 'Less is more', might be a golden rule in the fashion bible but this is not a good way to pay respect to your hosts! Don't worry my dinner invitations are not a white tie affair! But if I come to think of it I do like ties!

Now that the truth is out and had the chance to put this down in words I feel a bit light-hearted. Not that I expect that from now the world will be a better place. You can only be sure of one thing that if I invite you over for a dinner party, you agree about a date, turn up in time, bring the promised bottle of nice tasting Italian wine, look me straight into the eyes when I open the door, give me three truely warm kisses and wear a nice outfit you can be sure you will score! Don't hessitate about wearing a tie, you might end up with an extra portion of dessert!

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