donderdag 7 mei 2009

Letters do matter!

About a week ago my life seemed out of balance and was my mind running wild. Now, I can officially state that I am back on track! But, did I have a mind trip. I have to dissapoint you if you hope to read now what the last week was all about. There are some things that you also wish to keep private. So, sorry I am not going to spill the beans. All I can say that it was worthwhile the stress, the anxious moments waiting for phonecalls, brainstorms and other nerve racking activities. Yes, honestly, it was one of my most exciting weeks ever.

If you have read some of the older entries then you know that 'I am moving the cheese' and that this means I have to take some risks. Well, I did it again! This time it were P and some close friends who had been bugging me over and over if I was going to do it or not. All that it took was one letter!

I do feel tempted to write down the whole story but it won't be fair to some people that just are not able to grasp the whole story. The ones that do know I want to thank because they did make a difference! The many meaningful talks, honest opinions and words of caution, they really mean still a lot to me.

Am I still the same Stallie then a week ago? Nope, for the moment I do feel different. Not that I got a total make-over that involved a private shopper! It is the inside that got a reboot and it feels so right.

All I do wish for now is that this sensation can last for some time. I try really hard to pass this feeling on to others. Already seem to have infected some other people and that even adds some extra punch to this experience. Gladly to state that it's not as contagious as the Mexican flu! So for all those people out there that wonder if a letter can make the difference! YES IT CAN! Where are you waiting for?

P.S.: A special thanks to N whose Shiatsu massage was so healing that I am now a true believer and will be back for more! You can now even plant a bomb under my seat and I will still not move!

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Inge zei

Hey Stallie,

Brieven schrijven, een mens doet het niet vaak meer in zijn leven, maar het loont de moeite. En de brievenbus is soms dichterbij dan je zou denken heb ik mogen ondervinden.

Het is niet eenvoudig om stappen te zetten in je leven. En die eeuwige twijfel of je het risico wel zou wagen, het knaagt onvoorstelbaar hard aan een mens.

En nu, geduld ... En voorlopig alles op rolletjes laten draaien in de oude situatie.